Why the best affiliate offers are not on affiliate networks...

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If you do affiliate marketing via Clickbank, Commission Junction, or any of the mainstream affiliate networks, chances are you are missing out on where the big, easy money is.

Affiliate marketing is a decent business model and can even make you a full time income if you are willing to work hard enough at it.

But here's the problem: most of these offers suck.


-By the time you get to an offer on Clickbank, it's already been out to the market with competition on SEO, social media, Adwords, and just about any other traffic generation method you can imagine. An offer being so immediately accessible and public saturates the market 10 times more quickly than if an offer is private, exclusive or invite only. Product launches are really the only exception to this.

-Fees drag down your profits. By the time you've paid your vendor and your network, there's a much smaller slice of the pie left over for yourself. It costs a lot to manage a network like Clickbank.

-Small commissions. Most products on most affiliate networks are low or moderate commissions per sale. It is not easy to get rich off of tiny commissions or one time payment structures.

-You give up the sale as soon as it converts. The customer is now in the hands of the vendor once the affiliate sends it over. There is no way to white label the service as your own or manage the client relationship. You give the relationship up in order to make money.

What I recommend instead

-Instead of going with public offers, look towards offers that are more exclusive. Anyone who's a member of MB or any of the other CPA networks has probably noticed some of the chart toppers have a limited number of slots available for affiliates.

This is because it is a high converting offer that is very picky about traffic sources. The fact that it's exclusive makes it much more likely that you won't have direct competition, the market won't be saturated and you can make easier money.

You can also negotiate with local vendors of services like CPAs, lawyers, and contractors to get them work in exchange for a commission and white label yourself as their service partner. This allows you to control the relationship, make huge commissions, and still not have to do any of the service yourself, focusing solely on marketing instead.

Remember, affiliate marketing doesn't exist solely in affiliate networks. Think outside the box.

-Always negotiate with your vendor or AM for higher commissions, more upsells, whatever you can get access to in order to make more money. The simple fact that you are negotiating for an increased rate already shows you are serious about making money, making it that much more likely to happen.

-Becoming a pay per call affiliate in a private network or a white label service provider for a local contractor means the customer SEES YOU AS THE SERVICE PROVIDER!!!

This is crucial. People generally don't like affiliates. They feel like they are being tricked or manipulated.

Instead, focus on a service you can more easily label your own. Pay per call is a great way to do this as is white labeling a local service provider. The commissions are usually nicer as well.
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    Affiliate marketing is only one part of my business, but this is some great advice. Thanks for the share.
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    Interesting points indeed. I do make some money using the affiliate networks, they aren't big money, but they aren't the cornerstone for me either.

    But an interesting point from my perspective is that much of the affiliate network revenue I generate is as a bonus to other revenue I generate, and the customers keep coming back through my site (and my affiliate links) when it comes to later orders.

    They know some of the links I provide them with pay me a commission, and they know the price doesn't change if they use my links or not, so they CHOOSE to come back to my links. But most of this is from clients I have that I work with regularly offline as well. So my use of affiliate links in that regard are a little different than the typical affiliate marketer.

    But I definitely see your point. From most affiliate marketing positions, it makes sense.

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