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Hey all,

Me, being a complete loon decided to transfer my paypal funds to my bank account before realising I wanted to pay for a WSO.

It shouldn't take too long to get the funds back into my PP account but want to pay for a wso now lol.

Can I pay for a WSO using PP but ask them to fund it direct from my bank and not the account? Will the boss be paid instantly or get a stupid eCheck and have to wait 10 days?

Or better still can a WSO be paid for using my credit card?


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    Short answer, yes.

    I never keep money in my paypal account, all of my transactions are drawn directly against my checking or credit card accounts. I believe that they require that you accounts be verified though.

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    Yes you can, and depending on your account it will either clear instantly or go into the e-check hold thing. I've had it do both, not quit sure what determines when they can do it, and when they cannot.
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    The more secure way to do this is to keep no funds in the paypal account. Use the credit card only and the bank account will appear as backup funding. But you have to remember two things to do it this way--the accounts must each be 'verified' by paypal as real and you have to physically change your funding options to the credit card for each transaction.

    Verified accounts are easy, PP sends something to your credit card or bank with a code number that you retrieve and type into their secret box. Takes a day or two.

    One more thing to keep in mind, if there is a money balance in the paypal account, you have to use the money balance first, and then any additional funds will be taken out of your other payment methods.

    So, I figured this out the hard way...if you are planning a major transaction that you want protected by your credit card and paypal buyer protection both, be careful that you have a zero balance in the paypal account before you buy it.
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