Need Recommendation for Software Key Distribution

by Eezy
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Hi Warriors

Anyone have any personal recommendations on a system for managing script (php) sales/downloads ?

Pretty standard requirements -

1) Automatically generate license keys.
2) Be able to disable license keys on refunded items.
3) Have a good shopping cart, or at least play nicely with other shopping carts.
4) Preferably be hosted on my own server.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Hi Alan,

    DLGuard will do that for you!

    DLGuard - Download page protector, create expiring download links

    1) Customer receipts can be used as licence keys. DLGuard has a "query" feature that allows your own script to POST the receipt number and customer email address to your DLGuard, and DLGuard will tell your script if it's valid or not.

    2) Refunded receipts will be returned as "refunded" in the scenario above, so you can disable refunded scripts.

    3) DLGuard has it's own built in shopping cart and integrates with Paypal Cart, but if you're selling scripts then perhaps the standard "Buy Now" links would be better?

    4) DLGuard is fully hosted on your server.

    I'm the owner / devloper of DLGuard, so if you have any questios I'm more than happy to help!

    DLGuard v5 - The Warrior Edition
    Full integration with JVZoo, DigiResults, and WSO Pro for secure WSO's and WSO memberships.
    Serving the Warrior Forum since 2004
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      oooooh... i know... i know!!!

      Go with DLGuard!

      I didn't even know it could do that and I have it.

      oh and it's super easy to install.
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      PHP Codelock will allow you to assign software keys, It will also encrypt your script, auto generate the license on the fly from the download page (with a little coding on your part)

      There is also an option to monitor installations if you want to limit it to one domain, not having it passed around to friends, etc.

      ANother nice feature is you can set it up as cripple ware for those pesky Clickbank refunders. After 75 days the script turns into vaporware. Of course to be nice to those legitimate CB purchasers, you must send them an upgrade after the refund period is over and before the origianl expires.

      Plenty more features than I can remember but I have used this program for years since version 0.9 and truly love it.

      CodeLock V2.0 - The PHP / HTML script and code Encryptor (no aff)

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