Best Place To Sell Website For 6 Figures?

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i'm not too experienced in site selling. Which is a good site to sell a website for 6 figures?
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    I would say sitepoint or ebay.

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    Get it into and if it's truly a 6figure domain they can get it moved for you.
    Checkout Year to Date Domain Sales Charts and you'll see a load of high-figure domains that they've brokered.

    Biggest one I sold was for a hair over 30k and it was a private sale. However I know the guys at Moniker are pretty good at getting solid domains bought as they have auctions a few times a year...with some serious money investors that love to spend.

    Sedo looks to be rocking it currently as well.
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    What about flippa? I'm no site flipper but i've heard alot about flippa...
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    For a six-figure sight you may want to go with a broker or venture capital types. If you go with trying to sell it solely online you may be boxed in, in terms of the price that your site will fetch. Going offline just requires that you document and explain a little more about the site. Make sure that you fully detail all the earnings, traffic and projections.
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    I've just been looking at and the amount of money being paid for sites created just last week or the last few days even is quite startling.

    Go look.

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    That must be one hell of a site.
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    I'd go with Flippa, I've heard quite a bit of good about it. A IM friend of mine sold his site for around $5,000 on there (not as much as you would like, but you get the idea). I've seen sites on there going for $10,000 or more, it's crazy.
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    If you're selling a business, and not just a domain, it's usually best to use a private broker. They are selective about who they take and want more disclosure, but will often draw the highest sale prices.

    I would not use Flippa or Sitepoint etc. for a site of that size.
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    I'd go with flippa as well but if you have such a big website then it's better to consult someone or research properly!

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      Some site go for big money on flipper, give them a shot.
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    If you are serious, and your site actually has that kind of value, PM me and I can give you the name of a broker I used earlier this year for a site with similar value

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    I personally sell websites in the 6-7 figure range. If your website is in the gaming/mmo space, or in the community/social content space, send me a PM.

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