Can One-Page Mini-Sites Get Ranked?

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This may be an obvious answer to most but I'm completely new to IM. After hearing different answers from different people on whether or not they can get ranked by being only one page, I decided to pose the question to a forum of experts.

So does a single-page site have a chance on getting ranked or does it absolutely have to be more than one page to stand a chance? I was thinking of doing a mini-site but don't want to waste my time.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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    You need at leas "disclamer" "terms of service" "contact us" "Privacy policy" pages to be taken seriously by google these days.

    In theory yes. With right backlinking you can but why make it overly difficult when you can add those pages in 5 min.

    It also depends on the niche alot and competition.
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    Hi the answer to this is post panda and the changes google have made to their algorythm it is now very hard for thin sites to get ranked highly. I would recommend spending more time to put together a site with more content and pages it is good for the customer coming to your site and google prefers this. In short i wouldn't try and certainly not in high competition niches to get ranked for a single page site! It might be possible with backlinking etc. but google are more likely to give your site the dance for a long time even if you do get there.
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    hey sup man,

    Actually, it's sad to say, but you can no longer rank one page sites long term anymore as of 2012..

    I'm pretty experienced in SEO, and have ranked countless sites to page 1... and one thing that I noticed this year is that all my sniper sites that i built won't stick to page 1

    Yes, they do achieve page 1 in like 3-4 weeks... but they only stay there for only a few days, then end up and stayin in like page 9 for good...

    On the other hand, one of the biggest things i noticed is that my sites that have at least 10+ real posts (not including about me & privacy policy) have sticking power on page 1...

    So if you plan on building a mini website... make sure you pick 10 nice keywords to rank for, and choose one of the 10 for your home domain name
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    you could but it will be more difficult and won't last as long as you'll hope. best thing is to add some content
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    You can rank with mini website if you have nice text and content on page.
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    Thanks everyone. All of this info is really helpful! I think I'll take Marc's advise and make at least a 10-page site with great content.
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    If your keyword competition is very very low, then you can achieve this. Seriously, SEO has so much changed that you now need lots and lots of great content to compete

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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