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by Mike Hill 3 replies
I want to go from a live ustream to showing a video commercial half way through my live feed. I am using webcam Max ... the only problem is how do you get the audio from the video to be played in the live stream during the commerical?

I'm on a windows Vista (maybe that's my problem ... LOL)

Mike Hill
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    Yeah the Pc may be your problem.

    I believe they do that on the Mac using Camtwist. There's gotta be something for the pc that would work though.
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      Yeah thought so... I bought Webcam Max thinking I could do that... the video plays but crap no sound... unless I want to jerry-rig some cable in > cable out kinda thing...

      Might have to resort to a real mixing board...

      Mike Hill
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        Jason and Ryan can probably better assist you but I may have a simple solution for you.
        You can very easily stream full screen youtube videos over your cam feed in ustream.

        If you put your commercial to youtube then add it as a youtube over lay.
        Add the over lay to the stream
        drag it to take up the screen
        hit hide preview
        when you want to air it hit push on air then play
        when you are ready to remove it hit take off air and X out the over lay

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