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I just wanted to point something out to you if you're contacting marketers out of the blue to get something from them.

Whether you used a web contact form to sell your SEO services to a website owner, whether you're looking for a jv or if you're trying to get someone to be an affiliate for you.

95% of these kind of messages go something like this... "my name is Jack Wagon. I have accomplished amazing things. I am launching a product and we are going to make record breaking amounts of money with it. I'm going to get rich. I want you to help me get rich."

If you notice it's all about "I" and not "you."

Tell me what's in it for me because I don't care about you. (well I do care about you but you know what I mean... You can't motivate me to want to do what you want if all you talk about is yourself and what you want.)

The best way to get what you want from me is to tell me only what I get out of it... Not what you get out of it, how big you are, and how great everything is for you.

Almost all emails and PMs I get that try to get me to do something have nothing to do with what's in it for me. Just something to think about...
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