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I always see people here looking for music for their projects. Here i a great way to get a huge selection of royalty free music for about 99 cents a track, no memberships, nothing else to buy.


Go to Amazon, do a search on "genere royalty free music downloads" replce genere with the actual genere of music you're looking for. If you wanted rock, you would search "rock royalty free music downloads. You can leave off the downloads and it will give you that as a choice.

It wil list a huge selection and you can even play them to preview (prelisten?)

Hope that helps you pick up a few tracks for your next project.
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    Thanks Steve...valuable resource! I was using audio jungle because they were the cheapest I had found up to this point but I'll definitely give this a try!
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    Great tip Steve. I'll definitely check this out, decent royalty free music can be hard to find.
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    No problem.

    The classical music is predominantly piano; I assume because it is more expensive to get the rights to symphony orchestra pieces, but I found about 450 tracks that were supposed to be classical. Of that, about 350 actually were. Various lenghts at 99 cents per track.
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    • Profile picture of the author myD90 too is 99 cents only. Comes with license to your name or project. Over 35,000 tracks.

      Disclaimer: I work with JewelBeat and posted because I thought it would be relevant. Thank you.
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        Here's one even cheaper- Free! They are a smaller site but very easy to navigate and they have great music. They do sell licensing for commercial projects but every song is free for personal and educational use.
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