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Hi everyone, I have a large multisite, that is spreading across the United States. We have Local Chapters in 16 different states.
I am overwhelmed with marketing ect. Because I have built the site from scratch, learning as I went... I am stuck on how to move forward as far as marketing is concerned.
I want to create a training portal to help my Local chapters with adding items ect.

Where do I go from here? I have no creative brain to bounce ideas off of...

I need encouragment. The money has not started yet, however it has huge potential and it is set up to be residual.

I just need some real guidance and ideas. Does anyone else run a multisite?

Thanks for hearing me out.
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    Do you have anyone helping you or are you doing this alone?

    Have you read the 4-Hour workweek? I highly recommend it. It really goes into detail with exactly what you're describing, being overwhelmed and overworked. It's definitely not for everyone but I took a lot of useful things out of it that have really ramped up my productivity.

    As far as your specific problem, I would suggest focus on really building up what you have and making it "perfect." Are people running the "local chapter" sites? If so, utilize them...they are currently your best customers. Get suggestions with how to move forward and use them as ambassadors. I like the training portal idea for sure, make it easy for someone to understand EXACTLY what you're trying to do here.
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    What's the niche? What are the keywords? How is it monetized?

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    Hi marketing Chad, yes it is me doing everthing all on my own. I want to utilize my Local Chapters, but I need the training portal built first. I have many ideas. I just can't seem to get everything built. It is hard enough managing the multisite with new stuff happening everyday.

    I dont want to give away my niche, or my keywords, but it is built utilizing over 3000 mini membership sites set with residual income, and an affiliate program in place.

    Right now I am focused on getting each Chapter filled and havinga complete funnel of training, marketing materials ect for the Local Chapters to go through and complete.

    Just alot of work with very limited hours, specially when juggling a toddler at home
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