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Hey guys!

I wanted to know your opinion on the Best Ebooks about online marketing.

I don't care about the theme, as long as it fits into the IM niche.

My recommendations:
  • The Irresistible Offer
  • Mind Control Marketing
  • Backlink Leverage

I learned the most from these.

What are your favorites?

best regards,
Michael S.
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    Hard to say because the IM game changes so much every year.

    I'd rather just get a coach or a regularly updated membership site than an ebook nowadays.

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    I agree with Eric.

    The truth is that most eBooks give you the basic IM formula. It's not hard at all but you're not going to get anywhere unless you apply it using methods.

    My suggestion is definitely to go with a coaching program. This keeps you on track and is more structured so you know what to do and when to do it!
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    Not to brag too much about it but my ebooks are a must have:

    I've summarized 501 MUST attend / boy / have attended IM and coaching products. Naturally - getting the information from the source is the best but if you are starting out, don' have the time or the money to invest in the WHOLE thing + the years to learn and implement and profit from each of the courses - then my notes are definitely a life saver

    Like my FB page and I'll get you a 30% off my best selling notes on Brendon Burchard's Total Product Blueprint: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...y-fb-page.html

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    Well, it depends on whether you are referring to internet marketing or affiliate marketing.

    The above-referenced books are very good. However, I have found that purchasing WSOs that specifically address my need or area of focus are the way the go because they are timely and really keep up with (or ahead of) the changes in our industry.

    If you are selective about the WSOs you purchase and follow those who have a great reputation and put out great products, you really can't go wrong. And, usually you will learn a lot of new tricks, tips and techniques from each and every one of them.

    Make every day count!
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