Crediting ClickBank Affiliates in a long sales cycle?

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Hey, I'm new to ClickBank as a seller, and want to make sure my process is rewarding affiliates. I'm planning a setup like:

1. Squeeze page with intro, video to stoke desire, subscribe-to-aWeber-list form
2. Thank You for Subscribing video with valuable details and sales pitch
3. Thanks for Buying, delivery of product (book/course), up-sell to something

I'm interested in building my email list (empty now), but want to make sure I'm rewarding affiliates. Will this kind of setup work for that, or should I do a straight sales page instead for CB affiliates to link to?


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    Clickbank cookies last 60 days so affiliates are credited for this period for sales of all products in your CB account.

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    Ah, cool. So I can do more of a Frank Kern-style series of emails & videos and still reward affiliates.

    Now to find the right mix of giving away value vs. saving it for the sale!

    Thanks, rondo!

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