1 Clickbank Product Earned Me $30k!!

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First off let me say that I'm a longtime lurker here. I read alot of the posts but never have thought about interacting with the community since my marketing skills aren't the best.

So anyway I have learned alot from reading the posts here. It's what lead me to promoting a CB product that has earned me 30k in just over a 2 year period.

I wrote an article promoting the product and it went to #1 in the search engines for a very long time! That was until the panda update... now it has fallen fast and as a result so has the income!

My question is this.. I know I am promoting a bigtime winning product, and I am still getting sales even today! What must I do to get the product in front of more eyes as a marketer! Thanks in advance for your answers!

And for the newbies here? Yes.. IM does work, even though I would not call myself a marketer, IM does work!. Thats what I want now. To gain the skills that I need to say yes, in fact I AM A MARKETER!

Thanks everyone!
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    I'd rewrite the article and put it on your own site, then optimize that site.

    Article directories have gotten clobbered since Panda, so it's best that you go more towards your own website or blog rather than towards a directory.

    Other than that, I could go on all day about how to promote the product...countless threads and WSO's. I'm sure you could figure it out.

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      Thanks for the tips guys, this gives me some good ideas to start with!
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    I'd suggest you register an exact match domain for the keyword you were ranked for and then go to fiverr.com and buy a full monty senukex campaign for $5. Then go to linkliscious.me and put in all the links build with the senuke campaign. Wait around a month, if you are still not ranked, go and build 3 web 2.0 properties such as squidoo, hubpages, etc. and then go to fivver and buy another full monty campaign but instead of using you website link, use the web 2.0 property links to create a 2nd tier that will pass link juice to the first tier... If the keyword is not too competitive, you should be ranked by now, if not just keep nuking until you get to the first page but be careful not to do it too fast
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