JOSH I need your advice on Videos...

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Josh, You are the VIDEO guy! I know that... And I know you will help. But responses from other video warriors are also welcome please.

I am using Camtasia (I know Josh that you hate it but I still love it cuz its made me a lot of money and is the best investment made to date!)

For the first time ever, I want to send a flash video to my list which has a screenshot (camtasia ) component and a camrera made video (Just three minutes 640*480 @ 30fps AVI) which is already 250 MB and shot on a memory card and later transferred to comp. (I am inspired by Kern....hehehe so wanted a video like the ones he has just done... multiple cams and simultaneous screenshot), but when I combine all the elements together along with callouts etc and produce the 19 min. video it goes over 1 GB....SH^t.

And I personally want it to be under 50 Megs at max. What format do you recommend? FLV or SWF

What do I really need to do? I am sure that can be done cuz others are doing it.

Is it a good idea to create a WMV combining all elements and then using the same wmv converted into a FLV or SWF to compress it further. Please also sugggest the required softwares...

I'd be really helpful for your help!

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