Are paid press releases worth it?

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Hello. I have never used press releases and would like some informed opinions.

Here is my situation:

I have developed a pretty cool web application. To get this thing to fly, I need to get the message out there and build a pretty big user base. Since the advertising budget is basically zero, the only way to get the message out widely enough is through press coverage.

Has anyone used press releases and gotten a decent response from mainstream press? Which press release services are the most reputable? Is it worth paying a hundred bucks for the extra exposure they claim they can get for you?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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    I hear good things. I'm getting ready to do the $80 one through PRWeb. They're good for building backlinks and getting the word out, so I don't know... I got a lot of good feedback when I posted a similar thread asking peoples' experiences with them.
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    Hey SU,

    If your app is very niche, why not send your (very well written) press release to magazines, ezines and other relevant media directly and save the money?

    I've gotten great mainstream media interest - e.g. Entrepreneur magazine - by an approach directly to them. Why not do the paid and direct approach.

    When you do go direct, make sure you research the specific journalist responsible for that relevant area and address the press release directly to them by name - it gives you a much better shot at getting coverage. Good luck!
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    I did one a few months back when I released an ebook and it took the brand new site from non existant in Google to a PR2 as well as made me multiple sales, to me it was more than worth it. Am actually gearing up to do one of the higher end ones on PRweb at the end of the month for a different product, hoping to see even better results from that one.

    Best of luck,
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    Cool, I was thinking of trying one of these myself. What is the going rate? Now the trick is to find a good loyal service. :-)

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    I've been told that webwire poduces really good results, ranking on google really fast for just $20. Infact I got a report on this somewhere

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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    Yes -- they ARE worth it and well worth it for the rich ANCHOR text links, especially when your content is distributed that way (make sure to bump up to the SEO version that gives you 1 link per 100 words -- so you wanna write a rather long press release for max links to various pages). Let me know if you need explanation about deep linking into various pages and make sure that NO URL in the press release is to the SAME page over and over again. I'll be doing a thread where I go through the entire process of creating the press release and then of course the included Power Positioning Psychology (The Triple "P" Threat) behind why and how I did all the moves. "It'll be smashing Basil!" Austin Powers ....
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    They are totally worth it. One of my press release customers got over 340 quality backlinks to his site in 2 days. Most of my customers have very similar experiences.

    If you write a shit press release, you will not see results. You might save a buck (or two) but you won't receive any exposure b/c the pr pro's will see right through it and not give you the time of day.

    If you have decent skills, you can successfully write your own pr and distribute it. You just need to determine how much your time is worth. If you have no start-up cash, write your own and see what happens. If you have cash and can create value elsewhere with your time, spend the money to get one written and distributed.

    Dana has a great WSO (for free too) about writing press releases. I have one too, but it's $10.

    Also, experiment with free distribution sites first b/f you go spend $80 more dollars for paid distribution.

    If you need some help, let us PR pro's know
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  • Hey, thanks for the great responses, everybody!
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    IMHO, from a Fundamental link building perspective, A Press Release can and does provide awesome link diversification. They add variety to the footprint, that the Big G sees, and can in some cases, bolster Cred (Trust Rank)...
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