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Hi Warriors,

I am ready to beta launch my new software "SiteManPro"..and I am looking for 30 people who can test an online demo, provide their feedback or suggestions and possibly a testimonial..

I will send you a 100% free copy of the software before the launch.

What can this software do for you....?

SiteManPro is in it's infancy stage, but still, it can compete with heavy weight giants in the industry. It is undergroing the new development at a very fast pace. My team is committed to produce more and more new features and modules to help manage your business. In it's current form, SiteManPro can show you the data such as net worth of your customer, which product is performing and which one requires more attention, and whether your marketing is pulling up any results for your business. It has a powerful eCommerce system as well..

You can read more details about the module here

You can read the three blog posts here .. that provide more details and have videos to show the functionality of the software..

Some of the features:
1. Powerful shopping cart to sell digital + physical (CD/DVDs) products

2. 100% Integration with Kunaki with powerful live reporting fetched directly from Kunaki including UPS tracking info.

3. Finance management with expense tracking

4. Vendor management (if you outsource) with an ability to make payments directly from within the admin. System records automatically that payment as expenses so you don't have to enter it manually....something really unique (watch this video)

5. Keyword tracking system

6. Survey system

and much much more to come..honestly, this is going to be huge, very soon

Interested? Please PM me or post here so that I can send you a demo link.


P.S: This will be sold for close to $200, but you can grab your copy free if you are willing to provide your feedback..
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