Help with site flipping - How much can I ask for?

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Hey there, I build a site that I am looking to flip,
but before I put it on flippa or here for instance,
I'm really not sure what to ask for it.

Flipping sites is not my forte', I prefer building them
and monetizing them, so here are the specifications
of the site and maybe someone could help me out
with what I can ask for it.

Page Rank 3 domain
20 Articles
20 Videos
SEO Optimized
Advertising space

Thanks for any input.

Lori P.
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    Any income being made from the site? When I look to buy a site I typically pay 11-12x monthly income on a good site
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    People will normally pay around ten times what the site brings in monthly, although there are many other variables.
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    No income, I've build this particular site purely ready for
    someone to monetize.
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      Originally Posted by shmerns View Post

      No income, I've build this particular site purely ready for
      someone to monetize.
      Yeah it really depends...

      You have Page Rank, so you must have some type of traffic coming in. You can use that to sale. Many people like to see revenue, but if you don't have any from the site then what can you do.

      If you talk more about the Page Rank and traffic in your description when selling the site, you may still get buyers. I know on Flippa people buy websites for hundreds that has no page rank, traffic, or revenue. I believe description is key when selling.

      Also, timing is everything... I say that because, I recently sold a website that generated over $200 dollars and it only sold for $50 today. With over 8 users watching the listing. I had to go back and see where I messed up and I truly believe it was the time when the auction ended. I sold other sites like this for hundreds.

      So, it really depends on a lot of things.


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    Are the articles and videos original and unique to the site?
    Gone Fishing
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    I recently sold a bunch of brand new - no income sites - I set the bidding at $1 with a promise to sell no matter what they went for (the lowest went for $75) the highest $275. I found by offering a bunch of extras - Facebook fan page with 900+ friends and Twitter pages with 4000+ followers really helps to get you the extra $100 or so .

    So for spending $5 per gig on each of those at Fiverr you can pretty much get yourself another $100 -$200.
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    You can get 10 to 20 times the monthly income of the site

    you have to get stedy traffic and sales (or clicks if you are doing Adsense)

    Then sel it with a good listing on flippa or in big IM forums like warrior or digital point

    Hope it helps
    Whatever your mind can conceive and BELIEVE you can achieve
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    I talk about Affiliate Marketing Methods
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    I have some domains that I wanted to sell off but I learned that it would be difficult because of the "Trademark Infringemets" scare. So, I decided that I would just build some Wordpress blogs and monetize. I know these domains will start to rank high once the iPhone 5 is finally released.
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