How To Start With IM after you create your content

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I have recently seen a lot of posts asking for some tips and thought i would give some input I hope this is ok, if it's not mods I apologise

So you have created a great blog, got great content, some important static pages etc... Where do you go next? Well naturally you want people to see, comment and share, yes? So how do we get this great work seen!

First is to ping every one of your new pages, when you ping a URL you are sending a message to the search engines saying check me out when your free lol. Try I use this all the time, it's pretty self explanatory.

This still won't drive traffic immediately, so if you go on to your social networks such as Facebook or Twitter or Linked In or whatever you use, you should use as many as you can, Tip Here: Be everywhere! Post your new content and get your friends and followers to share, if you don't have any, sort this quick! Social Media brings traffic near enough instantly if you are trusted and not one for spamming.

Social Bookmarking now I must say with this I am lazy and mostly outsource it, by doing this I can get more done, and the person can find the High PR social bookmark sites. If you cant outsource, use Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Slashdot. I find these bring me the most traffic. Btw bookmarking is basically just sharing/ saving a link.

Blog Commenting is a great way to get some instant traffic what i normally do is:

Hey Great Article,

Some Valid Content....

HTML Code:
<a href="yoursite's url">Anchor Text</a>
If you do add a valid comment and not just thanks check this, most people wont mind and will approve your comment. Now not only does that give you a link but you could get some traffic from it. Look for good Blog posts with a high PR remember it's not the domain's PR its the pages.

Next create a Squidoo lens centered around your keyword, hub pages and tumblr too. These are good sources and get indexed really quickly

Now to speed things up you should ping every place you have got a link, not only will your links get indexed faster but so will you.

Doing all of the above should get you indexed pretty quick and starts your back link building. Remember backlinking is a continual process like writing great content.

I hope I have helped you all, take care and have a good day!

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