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Okay so maybe I am missing something really simple but I was hoping someone could elaborate on blog commenting for traffic. I would really love to see an example of this. I understand leaving comments on a blog but how do you leave your link on there. Anyone want to explain this with a little more detail. Does it really generate good traffic? Thanks in advance.
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    Originally Posted by herbalhound View Post

    how do you leave your link on there.
    The answer depends on the software from which the blog was made. Some Wordpress ones have a specific place for you to leave it (you'll see, when you come to click on "comment" and do it). Others don't, and then you just put it in, in <href form, if you want, with anchor-text or whatever you want to try.

    Some comments are accepted; others not.

    Originally Posted by herbalhound View Post

    Does it really generate good traffic?
    It can, certainly.

    How good it will be for you depends on ...

    (i) whether you add enough value to the site on which you're commenting to get the comment/link accepted in the first place, and ...

    (ii) how well targeted that site's readers are for your own site.

    In other words, like most big issues in internet marketing, the financial outcome is primarily determined by two things: quality and relevance.
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    If you're leaving genuinely interesting, well-thought-out comments on blog postings, you might be able to get some traffic out of it.

    The trouble with blog commenting is that many marketers try to skip the "genuinely interesting, well-thought-out" part and say silly things like "Nice post" or "I agree" - or worse, they get software that automates the process and leaves behind a mess of words that don't even remotely resemble "genuinely interesting and well-thought-out". As a result, most blogs have spam filters on them and require a moderator to approve each comment. So, as you might expect, these comments never see the light of day.

    If I were you, I wouldn't focus on blog commenting as a traffic source. Instead, I'd find some blogs in your niche that you truly find interesting and offer to write a guest post for them. Certainly, you can comment and leave links in your comments from time to time - but consider any traffic you get out of it to be a bonus, rather than a necessity.
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    I get traffic all the time from comments that I have left on peoples blogs. There are two types that you want to look for nofollow and dofollow. You get much more link juice from a do follow then a no follow. I have some articles on my site that you may want to look at, with a free tool for finding do follow blogs. Just look in my catagories and you will see the backlink one. Take a look, you will understand a lot more if you take the time to read them. Also I have my blog set to do follow, so you will get more link juice to increase your ranking with Google.
    I hope this helps.
    Your Friend in Marketing Ken Somerville
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    You can definitely get some good traffic from blog commenting, if you do it the right way.

    I look for blogs that have the type of readers who would be interested in my own content. Then I look at how active the blog is, ie there are at least several comments per post. That means other people are reading and looking at the comments.

    I also prefer blogs that have the CommentLuv plugin where possible. With that plugin, there will be a link to your latest blog post at the bottom of your comment - depending on the url you type in when you fill in the comment form. If there's no place to fill in your website url, then you're not going to be getting traffic from that comment, just a little name recognition.

    I subscribe to the blog's RSS feed so that I can be one of the first to comment on a post. That means others will probably read my comment.

    Finally, I ALWAYS make my comment as useful and value-added as possible.

    If you comment more than once on a blog, you will also have a better opportunity of getting accepted to do a guest post. As Nicole Beckett said above, that is a terrific source of traffic.

    - Sharyn Sheldon

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    Is there a free way of finding high PR do follow blogs?
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      Originally Posted by zonkow View Post

      Is there a free way of finding high PR do follow blogs?
      I'd suggest not assuming that "high PR" and "do-follow" blogs are going to give you better backlinks, if this is your thinking - but this thread's about the traffic value of blog-commenting, anyway, not about SEO.
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      Originally Posted by zonkow View Post

      Is there a free way of finding high PR do follow blogs?
      I think you'd be best asking in the SEO section of the forum.

      But this is getting more and more difficult with WordPress plugins like comment luv premium which allows site owners to set a pre-determined number of comments that have to be approved before you start to get do follow backlinks, that or you have to tweet or +1 the post.

      So a lot of these tools that find "high PR do follow blogs" may end up giving false positives because of this. - and it's the page rank of the page that's the important thing, but there's a lot to be said for "sowing the seed".

      Also, don't worry too much about the PR, it's not updated regularly and I've seen blogs show as PR6 with almost no back links.

      So I'd say just find a load of blogs within your niche and start commenting, don't worry about the dofollow/nofollow issue and the page rank right now ... steer clear of blogs that are heavily spammed though.
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    If you going to blog comment please do yourself and the blog owner a favor, read the blog post and make a relevant comment or don't do it at all.
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    Leaving a comment on a blog is one of the most intuitive things you'll ever run across, as you would have realized had tried it (instead of posting a thread about it)

    To leave a comment, enter your comment into a “comment box.” In addition to your comment, you’ll have to leave a website URL, and your name. Your “name” is what’s going to appear as your clickable anchor text. You can put in your name, or your keywords. Leaving your desired anchor text in the “name” field is a bit of a gamble because it will sometimes get deleted by bloggers who consider them “spammy.”

    If reader posts a thoughtful comment on one of my blogs and I see that he’s using his keywords as his “name,” I’ll usually go ahead and approve his comment. It’s a good comment, it improves the reader experience, and my readers aren’t really paying attention to the names of the blog commentaries anyway. That’s just my $0.02, I know not all know owners are like that

    1. Find a blog.

    2. If you're a do-follow stickler (which I'm not), check to see if the existing blog comment links are do-follow or not using the firefox SearchStatus plugin.

    3. Leave a relevant comment that has a reasonable amount of thought behind it. Again, if you put your keywords in the “name” field, your keywords will show up as your anchor text.
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    Blog commenting works so well in so many different ways :-)

    I am not sure if I should mention it but in my blog I am giving away a free version of wworking mans web domination which is all about blog commenting :-)

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    I like to do blog commenting on the EzineArticles.com blog. That can give you some great traffic if your niche is centered in the internet marketing field.
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    Blog and forum commenting is a great way to get traffic and backlinks. Always post a relevant blog comment and leave your URL, this will generate traffic and backlinks to your site. Apart from forum and blogs there are many Q&A sites which allows you to post links, you can get lots of traffic from those sites too.
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      Find blogs related to your niche that typically get a larger number of comments for each article. I generally like to look for at least 50 if not 100 comments.

      When searching in Google use: "niche" "50... comments"

      This will give you blogs that have 50 or more comments. Lower the number if you don't find too many.

      Try to comment early to be near the top of the comments. I use an rss reader to notify me of updates to be able to try to comment within the first few hours of a new blog post.

      Continue commenting on blogs that send traffic.
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