What are the reasons people fail when wanting to make money online

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Hi fellow warriors, I am struggling with mindset... I keep getting this feeling mostly like a little voice in the back of my head that keeps tugging. Saying... give up, this does't work. I am convinced otherwise though and am continuing on to my goals. I am sure many people have this struggle. I would like advice on how to overcome this. If this happened to you, how did you overcome this? Why is it that many people fail, and how can I avoid it. Thanks for all your responses in advance.
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    You gotta motivate yourself. The biggest form of motivation that you can get (in any internet business), is seeing sales coming in on a daily basis. I suggest you get over your fear, and start doing something constructive with your internet marketing efforts.
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    Yeah, the biggest reason that people fail is lack of motivation and lack of the will to educate themselves, if you keep trying and keep learning, then you will most likely make it.
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    I have several reasons:

    1) Take in tons of information like courses, ebooks, tutorials but never take action.

    2) Think it is going to be easy without realizing that nothing worthwhile is easy

    3) Try to put as little work possible

    4) Do not stay active in the Internet marking community and exploit experts or people who know better

    5) ADD LOL
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    Many people fail due to lack of success early, thinking it is going to come to them easily or some push button software will do it for them. Others fail because they move from method to method without focussing on one and putting in the hard work to perfect it.

    My suggestion is to focus on one method. Work on it and more importantly, keep a log book of what you have done so that if it does work, you can refer to it and if it doesn't, you note this as well. To keep myself motivated, I have a whiteboard with what I need to do for the week and on the side, I have a list of goals that I want to achieve. When you reach one of those goals, tick it off and celebrate your success before moving on to the next one. This helps keep me motivated, regardless of whether it is a small goal or not.

    I have one quote that I like to come back to by Jesse Owens - "We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort."
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    Also many people do too many stuff at a time, which never produce result. My advice would be do one thing at a time.. once you reach your goal go for next...
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    Instead of listening to that voice at the back of your mind - Work your butt off. Contain yourself with information on how you can still improve. Always think of better ways - and work, work and work.
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      The biggest reason I think people fail at IM is not being able to stick with one thing and make it work. You won't get anywhere jumping from one opportunity to the other, looking for the next "turn key", "push button business" that will give them the secret to their millions.

      Another one of the biggest reasons people fail at any new endeavor is "Fear of Ridicule". What if I say the wrong thing? What if everybody wants a refund? What if my list hates my offers? Fear, worry and doubt will destroy any forward movement and keep you in a negative mindset.

      So how do you overcome this? First of all, welcome all ridicule. If you have one person that hates your offer and wants a refund, chances are that there were 20, 50, or 100 others that found great value in you product. There will always be negative people out there, but know that for every refund, there are several more sales and happy customers.

      As a side note, not having a clear vision of what you want will keep you going in circles. Get very clear about what you want, be very descriptive, write it down. Take some time with this, it will be a mental road map to help you stay motivated and reach your goals. Once you have a clear image of what you want, imagine yourself there, imagine how you will feel, picture the things around you as if they are already there. Now put the power of that mental picture into all the work you do, this will give your actions the power of your vision and great things will start to happen.

      And as always, be grateful for everything in your life. Be just as grateful for the victories as you are for the challenges (learning opportunities). Keeping a feeling of gratitude will keep your mind off the negative and repetitive thoughts.
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    TAKE ACTION and know why you are taking action..to make money isn't good enough. what will you do with that money, what lifestyle will it bring lack of mindset stems from lack of knowing what you want and why you are in the IM Game..Take Action stop learning until you have taken action on what you know, best of luck
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    Contain yourself with information on how you can still improve. Always think of better ways - and work, work and work.

    SEO Staffs Virtual Assistant will save you both time and money.

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    There may be many reasons.But from my personal experience I can say its lack of focus,lack of funds and desperation for money.
    Shuvo Shahid
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    To be honest, I think most people fail because they jump from one method to another. They keep looking for that magic button that is going to instantly make the money. We all know that is not gonna happen.

    Making money online takes work and dedication just as it does offline. Simple as that!
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      Top 5 list - in no order of importance
      1. Doing the wrong things
      2. Doing too many things
      3. Doing too many things wrongly
      4. Being lazy (looking for shortcuts, not learning the basics, etc)
      5. Not treating it as a business (lack of plan, short-term focus, no budget, lack of roi analysis, etc)

      Free action plan : Think less. Do more.

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        Originally Posted by mrdomains View Post

        Top 5 list - in no order of importance
        1. Doing the wrong things
        2. Doing too many things
        3. Doing too many things wrongly
        4. Being lazy (looking for shortcuts, not learning the basics, etc)
        5. Not treating it as a business (lack of plan, short-term focus, no budget, lack of roi analysis, etc)
        I've had a bad experience when I started all by myself..educating and experimenting on my own..but then its like navigating a sea of information on the internet without knowing which works and which does not. Im lucky to have taken the right decision of hiring a mentor to at least show me the way.
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    My current mindset is "Someday this will pay off" If i just stick with it. Keep learning and improving then i will wake up one day and see i made my first sale. Still waiting on my first sale. It has to pay off if i dont quit.
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      Originally Posted by gonzotrucker View Post

      My current mindset is "Someday this will pay off" If i just stick with it. Keep learning and improving then i will wake up one day and see i made my first sale. Still waiting on my first sale. It has to pay off if i dont quit.
      I have a list of reminders on my wall, one is "what are you doing today to make money" meaning what did I do to bring in money today.... then secondly, is "what are you doing to ensure you keep making money in the future"... I personally think, making a slight switch in your current mindset and you will get that first sale faster. Hope that helps ya! :-)
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    The biggest reason is the anticipation of
    quick money. Just like any offline business,
    IM also takes a lot of work, and dedication.

    Yes, there are benifits, but you gotta pay for
    what you get.
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    1. People have assumptions that IM is easy. Its not and U need to work with dedication.

    2. Its a rocket science and we will buy a push button software and it will do seo for us, write content and bring traffic to our website. No , it doesnt happens that way, U need expertise.

    3. too many good areas be it seo, offline marketing, affiliate marketing, website designing.
    People are spoilt for choice. and noobies bluntly follows them.
    4. No initial money- Most of them do not even afford hosting or invest in a good WSO.yet they plan to earn thousands ever month.
    5. Too many scumbags and gurus out here.

    All you need is a plan what you wanna do. Stick to it. Learn from free WSO'S, start threads discussing problems related to your niche..

    Search for information about ur niche on google, doctoc and google docs. Search about it on ezine articles, stumbleupon!!
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      One of the reasons that people give up or fail is that they tell there friends and family what they are trying to do and most of them tell that they are just wasting there time because it does not work, that in turn puts doubt in your mind. One of the first things that I coach is to Never Ever Give Up does not matter what happens.
      Try to look at it this way, when you was young, you went to school to learn, the Internet is the same you need to learn as much as you can. Learn one thing at a time, don't try to learn everything at once because you will get information overload.

      Normally when a newbie starts out they try to learn everything they can at once, this normally leads to failure. My advise is take your time, learn one thing and become an expert at it, by doing this once you have become an expert you can then make money by teaching someone else your skills.
      Don't try to rush things take your time, in the end it will come together.

      Read the rules - affiliate template sites not allowed.

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    Some of the reasons are people spend lot of time to read some waste stuff ( ebooks) and they register

    useless domains. You need to try new ideas without focusing only to some of them

    And people need Quick money but don't want to work hard.

    People want the success in overnight.

    And lack of focus on the goal .

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    Mindset is the most important thing there is, whilst you try to achieve anything, it's much easier if you are involved in something you actually enjoy doing, but everyone goes through this stage of doubt.
    When it happens to me I leave my PC and go for a walk.

    Hope this helps


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    Targeting way too many niches and having too many sites. That was one of my biggest problems.
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    1) No goal
    2) No focus
    3) No system

    Success requires setting a goal, focusing on it and following a system to achieve it.

    Success does not happen by accident, it's by design. Believe me, I have created a lot of stuff the past years -- hoping something will stick -- and came up with nothing... I failed... but one day, I stopped what I was doing, thought about what my goal was, then I focused on it. Then I followed a system that worked for me (breaking bad habits, following daily routines, time management, "chunking", 80/20 etc).

    It's easy to spin the wheel, and fail, when wanting to make money online. Failure is part of the journey to success; it's how we learn.

    And there is a time when we decide we've learned enough, that we need to take action.


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    Learn. Take Action. Learn. Teach.
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    I don't believe that "inadequate/incorrect mindset" is a common reason for failure at all.

    I think that being misinformed and as a result "trying to do things that just don't work, for reasons not understood" is far more common.

    Too much action based on too little correct education, in other words. This is where most people who go wrong, go wrong. (And there's there's also a much smaller minority who never really take any action at all, perhaps).

    Originally Posted by Alex Guzman View Post

    What are the reasons people fail when wanting to make money online
    It seems to me that many rely on "consensus of opinion" information which turns out to have come from the Urban Myth School of Internet Marketing, i.e. it's fundamentally flawed and deeply mistaken.

    Originally Posted by Alex Guzman View Post

    how can I avoid it.
    I think it isn't easy, but being aware of it is the first step (as far as which many people never progress at all); it depends on gradually developing the judgement to be able to discriminate between the people who know what they're talking about and the people who don't. Unfortunately, the time at which one most needs to depend on others' information is when one knows least, and has least experience at doing that. There's usually some luck involved in it as well, but it's just a reality that some of the "information" one typically relies on turns out to be "misinformation".

    One little tip that can help is to try to be ultra-cautious over identifying any possible underlying financial motivation of their own that people might have in offering you "information". Specifically, don't rely on the SEO views of people themselves promoting SEO services, without plenty of genuinely independent verification. Some of this "information" is entirely accurate and some is wildly inaccurate, and that's how large numbers of people go wrong

    As far as "forum learning" goes, threads like this one are the important ones to be aware of.
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    In my view one of the biggest reasons people fail is because they don't treat IM like a real business. If you are going to be self employed you have to work much harder than you would at a 9-5 job.

    Motivating yourself can be really hard if you don't have a boss on your back all the time - you are your own boss which means it's all on you. This leads to a lot of pressure and pressure can cause stress etc. etc.

    There really are a lot of reasons as to why people fail with IM and most of them are due to people not taking the time to motivate themselves or organise themselves. It's hard work but it can be done and is being done all the time.

    Just stay focused, get organised and keep motivated by focusing on one thing at a time rather than throwing yourself into twenty different methods at once.

    Just my thoughts

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    Originally Posted by Alex Guzman View Post

    Hi fellow warriors, I am struggling with mindset... I keep getting this feeling mostly like a little voice in the back of my head that keeps tugging. Saying... give up, this does't work. I am convinced otherwise though and am continuing on to my goals. I am sure many people have this struggle. I would like advice on how to overcome this. If this happened to you, how did you overcome this? Why is it that many people fail, and how can I avoid it. Thanks for all your responses in advance.
    I can relate. After quitting my regular job (in the offline world), I turned to the internet for work. Unfortunately, after a year, I still wasn't able to "break through." I've tried internet marketing (I couldn't sell anything!), article/SEO writing (the sites I've worked with demanded a lot and paid little), data entry, etc, etc. Giving up has entered my mind one time too many, but you know, at the end of the day, I still do what I have to do - to keep on trying. Just look at the internet millionaires, they have grown their business from scratch, they started with nothing, knew nothing, but where are they now - at the TOP. So I suggest, you take a breather by not going online for a few days, and after you feel refreshed, go online and try again. I know you can do it, others have.
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    The main reason. People aren't willing to put in the HUGE amount of work that goes in to internet marketing.
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    Lack of staying power...if it was easy everyone would be highly successful. Work hard, make wise decisions along the way, and good things will eventually happen.
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    One contributor is a lack of crystal clear clarity.

    Many of the ladies and gentlemen I speak with concerning their business is filled with words like "trying," "I hope this works."

    People are buying systems they "hope" are the answer. Instead of focusing on the basic principles of profit and doing them time and again.

    1. Traffic.
    2. List.
    3. Offers.

    Spend 80% of your time on nothing but driving specific traffic to a specific offer. 20% of your time building a connection with those on your list and helping them solve their problems.
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    Hi Alex Guzman

    I have NOT read any valuable reason in these post replies why you are not making it online!

    The most important reason is that 99,9% of programs, books or whatever else that people buy are OPPORTUNITIES!

    They are not a blueprint to building a business!

    You want to learn how to build a business online correctly from day one...and belief me a lot of what you need to learn to succeed you won't find in any of the 99,9% of stuff you buy here or online elsewhere.

    One person you want to check out is Rich Schefren, he is the one who tayght the majority of successful people online (i am sure you know some names, good change they all learned from Rich)

    So if you really want to move forward and build a successful business online you need to learn from Rich...he has some programs you can become a member off. Just search for Rich Schefren in Google and you will find his courses.

    Good luck and oh ja, STOP buying these programs / ebooks etc you find in most places.

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    Maybe because they expect to be rich in a single night!In my country is a saying:Overnight success usually takes years!
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    Nothing good comes easy. If you want to be successful in anything, you must be ready to put in the required amount of work and energy and to also persevere, even when it seems like things are not working. The time you are about to quit is the time you are about to make it. Another reason would be lack of focus. That is called the "Shiny Object Syndrome". This means jumping from one method to another because there are many people doing it or because it is popular. The best thing is to focus on one method first and once you start getting results in that 1 method, you can look into another method. All the best!
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    Simple. People fail to make money online because they aren't taking consistent actions on activities that will actually make money.

    Most people also over-think what it is that they should be doing. When you read about those IMers that finally "made it", it didn't start from some overly complicated marketing technique. It was usually something simple but effective, and that they took consistent action on.

    Once an individual is generating a decent amount of monthly income via simple online marketing strategies and techniques, it's only then that they should consider branching out to more technical or complex methods.

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    I think it's natural to have this kinda feeling when first started out in IM.. Everyone does (or at least 90% of IMers)..

    How I overcome it ? It is by taking continuous action.. for action creates results.. The results may not be what i want.. but I'll just keep doing it, keep taking actions till the day i see the results i want.. How long? I don't know, only God know

    But trusts me, the more I take action, the more I learn, the more I fell in love with the game (yes, it's just a game).. There's an old saying: "the harder i work, the luckier I get" .. It's true! Not only will you get luckier, you'll be whole lot smarter, a whole lot more confident & that I believe will overcome your initial fear.

    Also, trust in the Lord, for He knows what is best for you.

    Hope this help,
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    If you are newbie, You must focus on in one area, example:
    1. you focus on : adsense
    2. or you focus on affilate program
    3. or you focus on selling your product. etc
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    Information Overload and Without taking action are the main problems for IM'ers. Even for few bucks, we must work hard to identify skills. Then find ways to scale the profit and identify methods to outsource.

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    In my experience, it's because people want to see results very FAST.

    Especially newbies, if they do article marketing, for example and after a week or two they don't see any result - they think it's not working and they quit.

    I agree with Priya87, patience is VERY VERY important in this business.
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    Just 20 minutes reading this forum will show you that there are people not only making money on the internet, but living off the internet ! If they can, why not you?? You have to believe that you can make it man!

    Awesome Web Design and Graphics, Tailored to your needs. http://merkurio.co.uk

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    Sometimes when hitting a mental roadblock, it's good to do something different. Go to a park, read a non-IM book, run, anything but the same old routine
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    The people that succeed just do the things that need to be done to reach their goal.

    What's your goal is.
    What's your expireance is
    What have you done so far
    How much time and effort have you have put into what you have done so far?
    What business model are you using?
    What (if you want to disclose) is your niche.
    How much have you spent, invested and/or saved for investment?
    How much time have you spent at the warrior forum-just learning the mindset of the successful warrior forum members?
    How much have you used the 'search' function? (Many successful warriors have spent hours at a time using the search functtion of the warrior forum)
    Who do you listen to? Sometimes WF members 'guess' or suggest something that (although well intentioned) may not be good advice
    How much research have you done on IM?
    Do you feel you have the attitude/work ethic you need in order to succeed at IM?
    Do you have motivation? / What motivates you?

    Not everyone that succeeds does all this and not everyone who does this will be successful, but it's a good way to improve your chances of success.

    Here is a link that might offer some more advice.

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    Great thread and a lot of good replies.

    Others have eluded to it but I can't stress enough how important it is to go the extra mile. It's a similar phrase as "No Pain, No Gain". Or, you could use the "last mile" reference. The one's that finish the race are the winners, not the one's that dropped out. Sure, you might not get first place on your first race but if you can't get "any" place if you don't stay in the race.

    A couple of things that I don't think were mentioned yet:

    1. Keep your day job... until you get to a certain level of income. You're more likely to quit if you're relying on the income of your new IM venture.

    2. So many people just don't have an original idea. While it's good to learn from what's worked in the past, you usually won't get very far if your idea looks like everyone else's. Come up with a product or idea that is not only niche but that stands out from the crowd.
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