Flippa experts - what duration should I put my listing for?

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I'm about to list a site on flippa for the firs time. I was wondering what length of time I should put? 30 days seems a long time. I was thinking 14 days? Any help appreciated.
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    From my experience, you get most views/bids on the first, second and last day of the auction. You will probably find with a 14 or 30 day auction that you have a big quiet patch in the middle.

    I would suggest a 5 or 7 day auction, that ensures that people who only check Flippa once a week will probably see your listing if they are interested in the type of site you are selling - things like tags will help people find your listing.

    Also remember that there are a lot of factors that depend on the success of the listing - e.g. is the site making money, does it have traffic, demand of the niche, listing title amongst other things.

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    I do 7 or 14 depending on how confident I am
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    You probably would like to show your listing in front of people at weekends.Again It depends on how much confident you are and your site's demand.
    Shuvo Shahid
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      I personally always preferred to list at the start of the week, and auctions were only about 5 days. I think it creates more of a sense of urgency. If you put it for longer than a week, people might think about it, and never come back if they forget about it, or find another site in the meantime.
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    When I was doing eBay, I would do the 10 days so I got more chance to get bids. But as Niche Kid said, you get the bids in the first two and the last day of the auction. Almost no bids ever occur at any other time. When I went to three day auctions I was able to run more auctions and make much more money.

    Tim Pears

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    I only list my sites for 3days, these are short sale sites that I am not really looking for no more than $300 dollars from.

    If you have a site that you worked really hard on and it is established then I will say 14-30days, plus front page.

    Now if you just build and sell websites, that are not even a month old then I would say around a 3day auction.


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      I think it depends on the market for the site:

      If it is a low-priced site that has appeal to a fairly broad audience, I'd stick with 3-5 days. It only takes a few bidders to run an auction up to its top value, particularly where there is a BIN that essentially acts as a cap. Whether you have 7 bidders or 20, you'll get essentially the same price (often the BIN). There is no point in extending the auction to get more bidders if the price is going to be the same.

      If your site is a little higher priced and will attract a more limited set of buyers, I wouldn't set the auction at less than 7 days and would probably lean toward 14. I know several veteran webmasters who now check Flippa less frequently than they used to. You want to have the auction up long enough that you have a chance to catch the less frequent visitors. Unlike the case with the lower value site, there can be a big difference on a mid-priced site between having 2 or 3 bidders versus having 4 or 5. It is worth keeping the auction open a little longer to get a couple of extra bidders.

      When someone is selling a high value site, even 7 days is way too short. You need enough time to get every possible bidder. With a 7 to 14 day window, many high value sites will go unsold because the right buyer simply didn't see the auction. That is the reason many sellers of high value sites hire brokers to sell their sites - the brokers make sure that the site gets in front of the most likely buyers. If you have a high value stock and have decided to go with a Flippa auction, you need to allow time for the logical buyers to find the auction. I think 30 days is a must in that case.
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