If I was Google I would do this...

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Have you noticed this message at the top of your gmail account?

"Allow Gmail (mail.google.com) to open all email links? [Use Gmail] [No]

After clicking on the "Learn More" button it simply states that it uses it's "web services" as a handler to all links that are placed within the email for different types of links like online/offline programs.

Since I have no control over Google's webservices...

If I was Google I would create a program that can could modify the link to something that would further bless the financial aspects of the company.

Say like affiliate links...

I haven't thought this through completely so please help me refute my own argument...

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    I'm not following your thought. So google offers to use GMail.com as default email client? Well that's no new and is around for years, just seems they push the service now for some reason. Plus many plugins do the same job as well.

    So what exactly do you want to replace with affilate links?
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    Think that's just part of your browser settings. You define what your default mail program is there.
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    no, the OP is correct, there is something new going on. I noticed it about 2 months ago, but then it went away. Like maybe it was a test or something. Then it was back sometime earlier this week.

    I think the OP may just be on to something, although I have not fully researched it myself.
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    Replace links in the email with affiliate links? I would consider that fraud... They may as well cookie-stuff as well if they decided to go with that route.
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    I mean the possibility of Google possibly using their "website services" handler to change the original affiliate link in the email to something that would be more lucrative and controlling for them like a change up.

    Replace the original affiliate link with Google's special affiliate link... Who says' they can't create their own software that?

    That's what I'm thinking....


    Genius is ninety percent perspiration and ten percent inspiration.

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    I know Google did some debatable stuff in the past regarding privacy and cookie tracking etc. but if Google would EVER replace any kind of content in emails, and not just replace them, but replace it with their own affiliate links, then Google would go down within days. That is not just "blackhat", that is 100% illegal and a Corporation like Google simply doesn't need any kind of blackhat tricks to make money, after all... they are Google!
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    Thanks Meier.

    It does seem like something that would be completely illegal.

    Excellent deliberating!

    With the way you made the argument it seems that I need to change the title as I am most definitely not part of any black hat methods...


    Genius is ninety percent perspiration and ten percent inspiration.

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