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by Jassim 8 replies
I am currently working on membership project, which already have html files to host in my account. I want to add an membership script for my site which should support features like paypal, clickbank, aweber autoresponder integerations. the main page is not Php file, it's html.

Any one having better idea for getting best membership script to install on normal html page (no wordpress templates).
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    Almost all of the membership scripts are going to require you to have a piece of php code on your page. This is just simply a matter of adding a small snippet of code at the beginning of your page and then renaming the page to .php.

    With that said, I use DLGuard for all of my membership sites. I have never had a problem with DLGuard and it is simple to use.

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    Hey.. thanks for the quick reply. My question may be like very basic because i am just new to membership site creation. Any other ideas will be appreciated.

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    I use MemberFire. It's $47 for a one site license, with an upsell for an unlimited license for another $27.

    It has some php templates that you upload, but don't have to do anything to alter. Works great and I really like it. The site in my sig file was built using that script. It's free if you want to join and take a look. All you have to do is give your name and email address.

    I don't have any setup yet, but it comes with the ability to put OTO's in once they sign up if you want.

    If you get MemberFire and need any help setting it up, let me know. I will give you a hand, no charge.

    To your success,

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    If you an existing html index page that has existing incoming links your best bet might be to install a membership script and just you redirection to redirect any traffic that requests index.html to forward to index.php.

    That way you could install a new membership script and your old incoming links would still work.

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    Thanks guys, i really appreciate you all.

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    Or another option is to contact your hosting provider, and ask them if they can set up your htaccess file to run PHP code on your HTML pages.

    This can be done, though is reasonably advanced - your host may do this for you.

    Or if you haven't created that many pages, you could just rename them to .php files - it's just a name change, that's all.

    Since this is the start, it may be a better way to go, as you'll then continue to expand your site using .php files, which you'll probably be glad of, one day!

    It's always good to put down a solid foundation right from the start, rather than having to deal with the nightmare of changing things after you've established and opened your members area.

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    how about memberfire script. it's support for clickbank recurring billing ?

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    Hi Jassim,

    EasyMemberPro (see my signature) has all the features you mentioned, except that with Aweber, you'll just need to place the signup form on your thankyou page so members can signup after they join.

    You could install the membership script on a subfolder to keep it seperate from your main site.. like

    EasyMemberPro is really easy to use.. just check out the videos at Membership Script - EasyMemberPro and see for yourself.

    Good luck with your site!


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