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Hi all Warriors,

I found an interesting pair of software for publishing on Kindle/Nook and for creating book covers. Be assured I'm not related or affiliated with the developing company, this is why I'm not providing a link.
The software are Kindle Writer and Kindle Cover Maker and are developed by Tekline Publishing from UK.
They have 30 days free trial.
I hope such tools can help warriors involved in publishing.
All the best.
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    It sounds like a new winner. People can get both for $35 and they seem pro. Have you use the program any. Wonder if there is feed back from other warriors. Hate to lose my money. I just bought a WSO for $20 that basically is a promo. Yeah, for an e-book that is close to $50 - what a rip off I tell you. It has the usual this week only hype crap. Well, prices is almost the same now. Like we need a rating system for products and services.
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      Try Demo version for now, looks good. You should try and see, nothing to pay if is not what you are looking for.
      My philosophy is not to spend money before I'm sure I found a good product, you should do the same.
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    If some of you are downloading the free/Demo version of Kindle Writer and Kindle Cover Maker, it will be interesting to find out your opinion, we can exchange some ideas, all of us benefiting from it.
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    Anyone can write and self publish on Kindle Fire. Kindle Self Publisher helps to get your book published and be part of the Kindle Store.
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      Avy, did you publish using Kindle Self Publisher?
      I guess you didn't. If you will do, see for yourself the difference between using it and a software with a Word Processor and ability to convert in several formats for increasing the exposure of a book: KINDLE for Amazon, NOOK for Barnes & Noble, PDF for CLICKBANK, etc.
      There is no need for another software like Microsoft Word or Open Office, no additional work and waste of time, etc

      Please do not confuse what Amazon is offering with what is really needed for a great Kindle format. It is not my opinion, but a lot of people having issues with the tool offered by Amazon and not supported/developed by them for years.
      Their Amazon's guide about Kindle is OK, needed more than it.

      And what about the Book Cover Maker? It is FREE with Kindle Writer. You missed the point again! It is not necessary to have a book cover for KINDLE, but is absolutely much better having a cover, is increasing the sales many, many times.

      My post was about helping our Warriors because I know very well the subject, not to confuse them the way you do because probably you are not publishing anything..
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    Looking at the website lots of authors are using the software and there are some excellent reviews. In fact, there is a fantastic review by a guy in Australia. You can read it by clicking on the review menu option on the website, so the software must be OK.
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    Kindle Writer 2 has been launched and it looks fantastic. Go search on Google Kindle Writer, you can't miss it.
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