Is this worth building a site?

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Hello All,
I am new to IM. After some research I found this niche. Its an electronic product.

The Google adwords search shows following:

Competition 0.79 (high)
Local (USA) Searches 480
CPC - 0.5$

.com EMD for review site for product available (

Product sells in Amazon. (Range 20$ to 60$)

Google First page is full of sites like Youtube, Consumer Research etc. I noticed that search no. 8 is a blogspot with 6 articles in total, no backlinks in Google.

Will this be a good niche ?
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    Exact searches or broad searches? If Broad searches, then I think you should look for a better keyword.
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    Don't do it if you're relying on search engines to get your traffic. 480 searches is too low.
    There's no need for a Plan B because it distracts from Plan A.
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      How much min. traffic is safe for a product related site? (Amazon + Adsense).

      ANd if it is totally information only site (Adsense)?
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    So with a 20% click through for a top-3 position, and earning say 7% from Amazon, you can guess the high end of your earnings, and then work out if it's worth your time.

    Might be fun practice if you have a quick monetization method.
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