First Page of Google - Now What?

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My 2-week-old niche site just ranked no. 5 & 6 on the first page of Google, but I'm barely getting any traffic.

That keyword brings in around 450 exact monthly searches, yet I'm only getting 1 to 3 visitors a day according to my Google Analytics.

Will I not see any major traffic increases until I break the first spot?

And in case you're wondering, it's a niche site about salary information in an uncommon profession.
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    Moving up a little higher will help, however you might want to look at what you are displaying in the search results and see if you can craft/modify it so that it draws them to clicking on your link to get to your site - but doing it in a way that you don't lose your ranking.
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    Exactly - and 450 searches a month is low anyway.

    Think of it this way - how often do you click on the 5th/6th G result? Probably not too often.

    #1 or #2 is where you'll need to be at, with an enticing enough meta description that people will be excited to click through to your site.

    Good luck.


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    Perhaps I need to work on my meta description a bit. I had originally made them with my main keywords in mind, but not necessarily something that would generate massive interest in the reader.

    There's something odd now though..

    Just re-did the search, and I'm now last on the first page. Even the sites in front of me are different. I also made sure I was logged out of my google account both times before searching.

    Even tried another browser, and same thing. Last place on first page. -_-

    I suppose even getting on the first page in 2 weeks is good, but this whole ranking business can get frustrating quickly.

    Just added H2 and H3 tags to my homepage with my keyword in it, so hopefully that will help also.
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    Even at #1 and #2 with 450 searches your niche and offering will have to be pretty tight to start to see any decent conversions. I don't touch anything less than 1000 as a general rule, but it all depends on various other factors. Test the water to see how good your web content and offering is by getting some adwords so you get to the top of the page. You will then see if your conversion is profitable. Depending on your competition, you could set quite a low daily limit and track those hits, what pages they are looking at, click throughs etc. Good luck.
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    Those number are VERY low. Number one gets about 50% so that leaves 225 per month which will be mostly taken by 2 and 3 which are usually above the fold. So, your 2 or 3 a day is about right. Shoot, even if you grab number one on this your only talking about 8 visitors a day .... not good.
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    I can say from experience that 450 exact monthly searches for "a niche site about salary information in an uncommon profession" is normal.

    Of course, you need to gain more backlinks to move it up, and you will definitely get more traffic from top spots. I wouldn't touch the title just not to lose your ranking.

    However, I would play with <meta name="description"> to make the text displaying in the search results look more compelling for a user to click.
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    Are you sure you're 5 & 6 and that you're not including paid results at the top of the page? You may be higher up than you think.

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