Please check my new blog

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I have a blog up for two weeks. Please look and see what you think.

For example, last post I changed the letters to bold instead of the regular. Does that make it too garish and ugly? Is it easier to read? Harder?

What should I do to make it better. More attractive?

I am going to put ads in next week so there is no ads yet.


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    need more hard work
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    From your web site it is not immediately obvious what your product is.

    Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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      Echoing the above - I have no idea what your site is trying to sell/do - and it isn't interesting enough for me to keep reading to find out.

      Would also help for you to spruce things up a bit with a proper template, as well as deleting the 'Sample Page' and 'Just another Wordpress site' from the Meta title.

      Plenty of people on Fiverr can help you with these things.


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    I love the Pacific Ocean
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    It is better to change your Blog theme and put something related to what you are promoting, mate.
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    Your site is cluttered. Plus i fail to see the purpose of your website. What kind of ways are you planning on monetizing it?
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