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Hi Everyone,

I just want some advice on a site I am thinking of setting up.

Normally I would set up a site around keywords relating to a particular niche, such as 'Dog Training'. I would then register a domain with those keywords such as

Obviously those keywords would have low competition and good commerciality. I would then research other keywords that relate to the site and they become my category keywords etc.

Right through this process I would ensure that the keywords that I am targeting have low competition etc and are definite keywords I am targeting.

My question is the site I would like to set up has highly competitive keywords in it and therefore no matter what URL I choose to make this site I will be trying to enter a market that is flooded. I really want to set this site up though because it's an interest of mine, and I just wanted some feedback on how other people would tackle it.

I would like to set up a site on training people how to use the iPhone and iPad. So obviously no matter what URL I choose with iPhone and iPad in it, it's going to be competitive. Also most of the category keywords around this site are going to be competitive.

So how should I go about setting this site up. Should I worry about targeting keywords, or is there some other way to market this site?

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    Targeting keywords is essential. But do not to be strict to yourself. Don't be focused just on the number of the competitors. If you can provide good quality contents,I think your site will stand out from the crowd.
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    To be honest, exact match domain names don't hold as much weight as they used to. If I were you, I would focus on really branding yourself and branding your domain. It seems you're really passionate about the topic which is great...just create a great brand and you'll do fine!

    Also remember Google ranks pages and not sites, so do some good keyword research and target keywords by the page.
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    With enough SEO, you can beat any competition. It's just whether you're willing to put in the time and money needed to attain the rankings you want. Evaluate the niche really good before you make the plunge.
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    Identify your main keywords, then get the LSI keywords. Then create solid, engaging content to keep readers on your site longer (research on "bounce rates") If possible, add a newsletter subscription form to capture leads, then develop relationships with your readers for repeat traffic.

    Follow onsite optimization best practices, use images and videos if posssible, have a sitemap and RSS feed, and feel free to link out to authority sites.

    Create links to your inside pages using keyword as anchors.

    Then submit your sitemap to search engines, your RSS to aggregators, and create some bacllinks.

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    I will advice you start with less competitive keywords
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    Thanks for your advice guys.
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    I wouldn't worry about the domain name. You should try and tackle making an authority site that could cover both ipad and ipod keywords and pages. These types of sites are a much better investment and tend to look better to google. I wouldn't put the words ipad or ipod in your domain. Even though there is some benefit to this, it's getting to be very slim and this will likely look odd to google if the keyword is relatively long. Instead, use a domain that generalizes the entire site and you can build upon.
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    Set your site up as a community that supports what you're doing. Write lots of great articles on the topic. Go to article directories and get great content and post it on your site. Get authority types in the market to write guest posts on it. Put together a report or guide on the topic and start building a list.

    Set up a link partner page and exchange links with like sites. Go out and post legitimate, relevant comments on similiar sites. Hold webinars on the topic. Create videos on it. Go to Youtube and find good videos and then ask the creator of the video if you can use it on your site.

    Of course you can try and use keywords for your site but as someone suggested, they are not essential. Use them but don't base your entire strategy on them because in a really crowded market like this one your effort and time can be better spent. Provide a lot of good content and support for your potential customers and the word will get out and you'll have plenty of visitors.

    What I'm describing is soon going to be the only way to market a site as scraping and spinning and Spamming Blogs is on the way out. And you don't have to kiss Google's hiney either. Provide plenty of value and you'll be successful. Good luck.
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    I am in the same position as you, wanting to promote my wedding photography business and it looks like every man and his dog is a wedding photographer. I just keep reading articles posting here and there in the hope that my Google exposure will increase and i will be successful fingers crossed :-)

    Good luck
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    Thanks Travlinguy, that is the best advice ever.
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    Do you plan on making a 1-page site or like a 10+ pages site? What webhosting provider are you using?
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    In setting up a site, use targeted keywords and fill your site with good content (seo wise articles). Be also careful in selecting colors, I suggest to follow the Web 2.0 standard.
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    I would create a blog, let it run for a month, then use its analytics to see what keywords people are googling to find your site.
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