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Hello fellow warriors
I'm gearing up to promote my first ebook offer from clickbank.

I'm going to be using google PPC to drive traffic. I had a question:

Should I be using a squeeze page free e-book bribe for email then pitch them the paid ebook and maybe more....OR should I go straight for the sales landing page with a "buy now"

Thoughts: I hear how people make 1k spending 500 in advertising. Boom, straight to the sales page, fast money, perfect the skill and win, win win. You're able to advertise different offers from different niches too, expanding and expanding. Later, spend 10k to make 20k.


Thoughts: The list is greater than the advertising. You'll later have a list of people that you can pitch to that trust you and such. It's better to pay for the emails in the list than it is to make money now, because if they're going to ask for the free ebook, they may eventually buy from you. I've also heard you can expect 1 dollar per month per person in your list.

So what works best? I think long term BTW. I'm not out to make a quick buck over night.

Again, thanks so much for taking the time to answer, I know you'll be helping me and others.. Mucho Thanks.
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    Why not have both?

    If you drive to the sales page, but have a really well integrated opt-in process during the checkout, then you sell and build a list.

    Plus that way, you know your list is full of buyers.
    If you use a squeeze page to build your list first - all you'll know is that they like freebies.

    And if you're using PPC, then you want to pay for people that are really interested, and likely to purchase.
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    Pretty much everything I have read and seen says that you should send them to a squeeze page and theres a few reasons. With a list, you can potentially sell to these people time and time again. So instead of just getting 1 sale from them you can potentially get 3, 4, or male sales over the next year or 2. Also, its been shown that a lot of people do not need buy the first time around, it will take them possibly a few weeks to make their purchasing decision. If you have them on a list you can presell to them and gain their trust.

    You can set up a sales funnel where your ads send them to a squeeze page. Once they confirm their email you can send them to your sales page or a OTO. This way you get them on your list and they still have a chance to buy if they are looking to buy right now.
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    You don't necessarily have to separate the two. You can have a sales page with an opt in form on it.

    Just keep in mind that this will turn off a lot of affiliates who are concerned about you stealing their sales and selling them on their own list.

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but Google does not allow you to promote the sales landing page anymore right?
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    If you want to use adwords to get traffic then neither of those will work unless you want your account banned.

    Squeeze pages and bridge (landing) pages are against google's terms of service and sending traffic straight to them has got more peoples account's banned than I care to remember.

    If you want to use adwords you need to build out a proper site with privacy policy, terms and so on.
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    Guys these ideas are great - thank you all!

    I love the idea of setting up a sales AND opt-in page, it's a really good idea. That way, I make a sale, I build my list of buyers, it's really smart. Thanks for that idea. I'm going to experiment with it soon.

    Also, You can't use Google PPC with sales pages? Even if I make them on my own domain, as part of my own site, and the site itself has all that google requires (privacy policy, terms, contact, etc), I just promote them to a mydomain.com/salespage?

    Can you point me in the direction of a blog post or additional reading to appease the google overlords?

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    I've got 3 tips for you:

    1. Always use a squeeze page - collect the email because you can follow up to make the sale later. Many don't buy with the first visit to a site. So gather the info so you can follow up.

    2. Getting the email allows you to promote new products down the road. This is HUGE. I used to send all traffic to a page without optin. BIG mistake. Developing the list is usually more important than the sale of 1 product.

    3. You CAN use squeeze pages with Google PPC. I have 100 squeeze pages running with PPC with Google, Yahoo, & Bing.
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      There's quite a bit of misinformation above, I'm afraid. I suspect that people have imagined that you were asking as a vendor (and that's perhaps why they've mentioned having "sales pages", having "sales pages with an opt-in as well", and so on?).

      None of this applies to affiliates at all.

      Affiliates don't need sales pages. The vendor provides the sales page. The affiliate's job is to do pre-selling: this is, of course, something completely, radically different. (I'm not pointing this out just to be pedantic about it: it's the key issue, here, because having a site that reads like a sales page is the probably the single commonest mistake that ClickBank affiliates make, and one of the commonest reasons for not making many sales.)

      The trite old answer is that you'll know which works best in your business only by split-testing it for yourself. And it's become trite because it's true. But it isn't always the most helpful of things to hear, and of course it begs the very obvious question "How do you decide what to test?!" So it's not a bad thing at all to ask experienced affiliates what's worked for them, anyway.

      Personally, after a lot of split-testing in my niches (I have 8 of them, promote about 25 ClickBank products and sell nearly 700 per month of them), I don't use squeeze pages any more, because although I built bigger lists with them, in all the niches in which I split-tested, I also earned less money from them, in all those niches.

      It's easy to imagine that building a bigger list is going to lead to a bigger income. Not only isn't it true, though, but sometimes the opposite can be true - and there can be good and valid reasons for that.

      My own answer's in this post anyway (excuse my not typing it all out again): http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post5745947

      Hope it's helpful.
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      Originally Posted by KevinW View Post

      I've got 3 tips for you:
      3. You CAN use squeeze pages with Google PPC. I have 100 squeeze pages running with PPC with Google, Yahoo, & Bing.
      How did you manage that?

      I have a 150 page website full of valuable content on a subject that has very little info on it.

      I submitted my site to Google for their Adwords and was denied twice.

      Their reason: They labeled my site as a "gateway site" simply because I have links to products on some of my posts that link to Amazon.com

      So, how did you get 100's of low quality squeeze pages on Adwords, when my 150 page very informative website was denied?

      Oh do tell....
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        I use PPC ads to get traffic to my squeeze pages.

        I setup specific squeeze pages to match the keywords. What I advertise in the PPC ad is found on the squeeze page. It's that simple.

        I use the squeeze pages for one purpose: to build an email list. However, on some of the squeeze pages I will have a "buy now" button on the page and also and option to optin for a "special offer".

        I do not use any affiliate links on my pages.

        I have been suspended by Google. In fact one site was suspended last week. the reason? "too many complaints". This is what Google sent to me:

        "Your site that you're promoting through ad was found to be in violation of the Landing page and Site policy guidelines. In response to multiple complaints received from users and publishers about this category of sites, it's Google's policy to not accept ads which promote online "get rich quick" strategies"
        It's nonsense.

        The "squeeze page" they suspended promotes a website hosting service! Nothing at all about making money. In fact, I have other pages promoting the same exact website hosting service in this same Google Account and these were not suspended. Just one of the squeeze pages was suspended. It's ridiculous but I've dealt with it before with Google.

        I wrote them back and told them they should review the content on my site & they will find out there is no "Get Rich" content at all.

        I had a few choice words for them. I told them they clearly DID NOT even bother to review my site and just suspended it. Somebody emailed me today and said:

        "I understand that you have some concerns regarding the site disabling and would like to get it re-reviewed. Please know that I have contacted the specialists in this regard, addressing your concerns."

        I have been suspended before for some sites. Some of it was for lack of content and for redirecting to other websites after optin. In every case, google reviewed my site after I made some changes and put my ads back in place.

        My suggestion to you would be to setup squeeze pages for a variety of different keywords with PPC ads that match. After optin, contact the subscriber and send to the "sales pages" or any websites you have like the one with 150 pages of content.

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    With paid traffic, such as PPC, you want to make sure that you earn more from
    subscriber than you are spending. I'd suggest using a free offer and after subscribing
    send them to a paid offer. This way you both get subscribers to your list and sales in
    the process.
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    I strongly recommend starting out with a free offer, especially if you're new at this. Lets be honest, your copywriting skills probably aren't that great right now, so you most likely won't be able to convert those first-time visitors into buyers.

    Now if you give them something for free upfront, a lot of things happen. You get more people on your list, for one. You build trust and credibility. Most importantly, you get their contact info so you can send them emails over and over again - which is CRUCIAL to getting people to buy from you.

    What I would do is look for a bunch of PLR products, rebrand them, give one away for free on the squeeze page and then give the rest away for free in the followup emails. You should also sprinkle in some good content and tips throughout, and only after you do that do you pitch them the ebook. I find that 4 emails of good content or free PLR products for every promotion email works extremely well.

    Hope that helps,
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