CRAP! Great site taken down by "THE MAN"

14 replies was a web service that allowed users to perform Google searches anonymously. It focused heavily on searcher privacy by blocking Google cookies and not saving log files. The service was launched in 2003 by Daniel Brandt. After 2005, the service encountered rapid growth before running into a series of problems starting in 2010.
February 2012, the service was permanently shut down by its creator due to a combination of throttling of search requests by Google and a denial-of-service attack by an unknown person or group. Before its demise, Scroogle handled around 350,000 queries daily and ranked among the top 4,000 sites worldwide in traffic.

Who do you think forced Scroogle to shut down? And can it happen to you?
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    Crazy, I've used it many times. I guess everything is vulnerable today.
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      Originally Posted by rambo9600 View Post

      Crazy, I've used it many times. I guess everything is vulnerable today.
      I agree...No one is safe nowadays
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    I noticed that they got taken down 3 days ago! I wasn't too happy about that at all.
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    I loved Scroogle and used it all the time to get a quick gauge on some of my site rankings so I'm sad to see it go.

    I read it was a DOS attack that finished them off but it was also very hard to pull Google listings through their site the last couple of weeks before they finally went down because of Google throttling.

    I have looked around for a service similar to Scroogle but haven't seen anything comparable.
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    To see clean, unbiased Google results use the following URL to perform a search: KEYWORD HERE&pws=0

    By ending the URL with "&pws=0" it removes personalization to reveal true, organic search results.

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    Scroogle was great because it made sense of the Google chaos, you got the real answer not the answer google thought you wanted.


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    This is actually a good thing because it proves there is even more money than anyone ever thought being made online... Corporations, Governments and others are going to great lengths to protect and claim what they can...
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    Ah yes, I use to use this service. Sadly, it too is gone. There used to be a yahoogle, but they are no more. They would combine the big three into one. Dog pile is still with us. For how long we are not sure. Why do monopolies take over. Perhaps it is because we let em.
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    Google hates competition....
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      Originally Posted by Mike Hill View Post

      Google hates competition....
      Perhaps but in this case Google hates it when you are clearly breaking their ToS.
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    Moral of the story:

    When you piggy back off of another service, IF you wake up the next day still intact, consider yourself lucky

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    I used the site as well and will miss them, but thanks for the tip post 6...

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