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Hi, I'm new to this forum but not new to affiliate marketing. I've been reading about iFrames online and forums. A few years back, almost everybody said iFrames are bad for SEO. Recently some people started to say iFrames are not as bad if you have some contents on the page.

For what I understand, G will not index the content inside the iFrames. That's about it. G will still crawl the page and index the page with iframes on it. If the page itself has some original contents, an iFrame on the page won't affect the page SEO. Am I right?

Your inputs are appreciated.
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    I have plent of Iframes on my sites, don't seem to effect seo at all.

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    I don't think Iframes/content lockers affect seo. I have content lockers on some of my websites and I still get good traffic from google.
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    iFrames are fine, but they are not something that should impact your SEO because of the way they are used. iframes are usually used to pull content into a page that exists someplace else - think Facebook Like boxes and YouTube videos.

    I think what you may have heard about are frames, not iframes. They are different. Back in the 90's, many template sites and website builder tools used "frames." They work like this in their simplest form:

    You create a header and give it a spacific url. Then you create a left side navigation and give it a distinct url. Then you create a body area - one for each "page" of content with a distinct url. All of the "frames" are then rendered on the viewable screen at the sam time, giving the user a complete view - header, nav, and body - even though each frame is technically a distinct url.

    The problem with this is that when G encounters a webpage, it takes the links on that page and puts them into a queue to be inspected. This is the act of crawling.

    When a bot encounters a url that is part of a framed website, it often cannot successfully crawl any of the other pages on the site - problems like encountering frames (urls) that do not have links to any other pages (think header frames).

    There are some tricks you can use to help bots crawl frame sites, but they are cumbersome and unless done just right, ineffective.

    So all this to say... iframes are a good thing, but are not used (generally) to provide the primary content experience on a website and so shouldn't be an issue at all for SEO. Frames, are an old technique that (hopefully) is, or will be soon, fully extinct.
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      Thank you all for the inputs.

      Bredfan, you are right on the frames. What I wondering about is, te be specific, the the amazon iFrame codes to display some products onto my existing content pages.

      Just to see what you guys think before I add those amazon iframe codes onto my site.

      (By the way, how do I "thank" your posts? )

      Edit: found the "thank" button
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