Product Creators - Anyone Find Their Product on Alibaba?

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I suspect that most product creators on this forum are creating informational products (eBooks, digital courses, etc.) but some are probably creating physical products as well. I've been perusing Alibaba's website and find that overseas manufacturers (prmarily those in China) make just about every product ever created, from glow-in-the-dark pencil erasers to rubber-coated thermos name it.

I'm curious whether anyone has had any success in working with these manufacturers to customize an existing product and making it their own for their local markets. (For example, getting a Chinese manufacturer of boogie boards to produce one with a beer holder. That's a ridiculous example, of course, but hopefully you catch my drift.) If anyone has experience with localizing tangible products in this way, it'd be great if you could relay your experience or results. (If no one responds, I'll assume that few are doing this.)
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    I know a guy who found a supplier overseas on Alibaba that sold him MP3 players. He would then go to Ebay and sell them like crazy. He had to re-up real quick. But guess what? .... Ebay canceled his account for no reason. And he wasn't doing anything illegal.

    So Alibaba works if you can find the right supplier, and that you have a good plan for marketing these products online.
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    I used to work for a toy developer who manufactured in China, so I had the opportunity of visiting their factories first hand. Now I am running part time my own sourcing agency and I am creating two products using these resources (as said, I have done business before, have seen their factories and are verified), one is a toy gun and the other is a board game

    With Chinese you need to be very careful if you cannot afford to go to China and visit them, inspect their factory, examine their certification papers etc. This kind of practice if for big orders when a trip there costs peanuts comparing of losing your shirt if something of the above is not right.

    If doing small orders, I would use only suppliers who accept escrow payments - never ever send money upfront because you never know who is at the other end.
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