Selling/Delivery of eBook?

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What is the consensus here...., which would you suggest?

Someone buys my eBook, it is delivered to them via .zip through email


Someone buys my eBook, and it is delivered to them via download somewhere within my site...?

I'm really not sure which would be best, and if you anyone could explain the process of 'going about' both of these, that would be great...

Thanks a ton! =)
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    It would be better to deliver them via a zipped folder within your site. Simply provide them a link as and it would give them a download pop up & they'll be able to save it to their computer.

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    I set up a page, sometimes on the same site as the sales page and sometime a different site. I put the download link there. Unless it's a really small PDF I zip it. I do not write stuffl like: thank you for buying... here is your download link... because regardless of what precautions you take with bots and crawlers and the like, the page sometimes still gets indexed which leaves you open to termites.

    Once a buyer pays for the product PayPal can direct them to the download page. You just need to set that up when you create your buy link.

    What I often do is create a download page message and then turn it into an image so the actual text isn't available for indexing. Good luck.
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    Why don't you enable digital download via a direct page + an email link?

    See this tutorial:

    It's a very detailed tutorial.
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    Thanks for the responses so far guys, and thanks for the link Chris I'll be sure to check that out.

    What if I were to somehow insert the .zip link on the thankyou page? Would that be beneficial? I've never really done this before so I'm not sure how that's done exactly... I'm just trying to get an idea as to which 'path' would be best to take, something easy for me to figure out and do yet something safe and long-term.

    Anyone else have anything to add or perhaps other suggestions?

    Thanks again!
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    Download and thank you page are synonymous.
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    Before you ask more questions please read the info I already gave you
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