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The way Internet Marketing Industry is shaping up it really becomes very difficult to stick to one niche and let the profits of the other niches go by.

I remember that I started of my Internet Marketing career by accident. It was around 6 years ago was doing a reasonable job in one of the best Telecom Company but started off writing a few articles and then it kinda grew from there.

Now I can say I have a network of websites & Blogs on all sort of niches aprox. over 100. Though am not managing all by myself have a team of hardworking individuals who take care of that.

So was wonding how did you guys came and became part of this rapidly chaning and growing industry , how many websites you own and which niche ???????

Cheers // Tirmizi
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    I was swept into the flood waters of Internet Marketing a few years ago. I tried everybody's products to be an affiliate with. I bought so many ebooks to learn "everyting" I needed to know. Then I realized I was just spinning my wheels. In none of those circumstances did I actually LOVE how I was spending my time - let alone how I spent day after day...

    Then, I setteled on one niche. I am the happiest person ever. I finally have hope and desire. I don't feel like I am "lying" to people anymore. I am doing what I love, and what I am good at.

    And for those reasons, that is how and why I can focus on one niche and one niche only.
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      I also try many niches,but most of them not succeed.Now I only focos with article marketing,I create my own product and focos on it.
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        I was all over the place, and started focusing on what was making the most money for me.

        I got rid of the losers.

        Some niches for me just did not pan out.

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          It's possible to narrow niche-picking to a science. Of course, that's not to say that you're guaranteed success, because even in potent niches you need to invest a lot of hard work and sometimes finance to get it moving.

          Here's a quick little blurb on how to find a potentially good niche:

          1. You should ideally be looking to enter prosperous markets - that means (if possible) millions of cash rich prospects who wont quibble about spending money on products, services and information.

          2. Check your niche's trend - try and pick a niche that's experiencing a boom. For example, while travel has always been a giant niche, it's booming online while offline travel is in decline (I read a report a while back that claimed that there has been a 50% migration of travel bookings from offline to online). Niches that are buzzing will typically offer better payouts to website owners...more money in a niche = more advertisers bidding more money to attract your traffic = bigger profits for you.

          3. Make sure there is a decent income/affiliate infrastructure available. Some niches offer stunning pay per lead returns (there are PPL of $100pl available if you know the right niches) - others don't offer PPL at all (or offer insulting values like $1pl).

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    Originally Posted by Tirmizi View Post

    So was wonding how did you guys came and became part of this rapidly chaning and growing industry , how many websites you own and which niche ???????
    Alot in both cases. When I target niches, build a network of sites around it and then start to drive traffic to them and move on once it is up and running.

    Typically, I will start with a broad niche site and then start to create little sub niche sites around it.
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      My websites revolve around things I love... most of them are hobby sites:

      Anime, Online Gaming- a wiki to be more precise, owned a website-based game once...I still own it and the domain, just need some more work on it. Luckily a year of testing proved it can bring in money and be very successfull. Art and then my personal site.... which touches base on my online persona I created... I love writing so that is what my main site focused on- telling a story.

      Oh, and I own several sites that have nothing on will be launched into the business world in about 4-6 month's time and the other is just a IM blog really
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        When you have a passion to help people.. then the niche bceoms irrelevant..

        I am in some niche's that I had no previous interest in at all, but after seeing the profitability of helping people in those niche's.. it becomes worthwhile and FUN..

        If you can help someone with a problem.. then you can make money. If you want to have fun in any niche.. then make it your goal to help people.. if you find fun in the helping you will be much more focused on the goal of solving problems for them.. and that works in any niche..


        Bare Murkage.........

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