Best player to play videos on website???

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I am looking to add video to my website what is the best way to go about doing that?? I do not like how the you tube videos show ads and at the end bring up different videos.

I am just looking for some advice and some recommendations on the the best way to do this.

Thanks in advance!
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    Use jw player plugin for wordpress...
    another one is flow player

    With the 1st one u can host ur own case if u have unlimited b/width...

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      Thank You for the reply. What format do the videos have to be rendered in using those tools?? Or do they get uploaded to you tube and then brought over with the embed code?
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    I have myself used jw player.
    The videos wont play unless they r .mp4 version.
    I uploaded .flv and .wmv version but they were not use .mp4

    The 2nd one u can visit their site...


    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    VLC. Period......
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    There are many web video players. Although VLC is a great video player, I'm not aware that it can be plugged into a website. On some of my sites a simple, free player I use is http JWPlayer and Flowplayer have their own watermark and have special licenses for commercial use. You can also look at Easy Video Player which is not free.

    With these video players, you'd typically host the video files on your own site, or use Amazon's S3 services. There are a couple players that will allow you to play a youtube video through a player on your own website, but don't bother with this. The video players mentioned are some of the best ones.

    Regarding creating video for display on a website, this is a huge topic. I'm a video producer. Basically if you are going to use a flash player (all the ones listed above), you should encode into an h264 video codec and an AAC audio codec (at 48khz), in an MP4 container (aka mp4 file). Flash and therefore, all of the above players will read this natively.

    If you want to make video accessible to ipads and iphones, you'll need to get an html5 video player instead of the ones mentioned. These aren't as mature or as easy to find as flash players. If you want to make sure your videos are accessible to all browsers and devices, you'll need to do a lot of research to figure out and test this process. Basically you'll need an html5 player that can downgrade to a flash player, and you'll need to encode your video into h264/mp4, webm, and ogg formats to hit all browsers.
    See: http

    Finally, if you are going to be distributing h264 commercially then you may be subject to license fees from MPEGLA. However for even medium or large sized sites this is likely to be free.
    See: http

    A solution to the compatibility issue and h264 licensing is to use youtube, or pay for http which will take care of it all for you. Just encode at as high res and as high a bit rate as you can before you upload to either, as they will lose some quality.

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    If you want another option check out my sig, vooplayer is free for most just have to opt in to register for an account.
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