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Hi all.

Hope you are all well?

I have been brainstorming ideas on how I can start generating a profitable income from online ventures and I have been contemplating the idea of creating websites in the aim of flipping them for decent values. I wondered if you wouldn't mind pointing me in the right direction and letting me know if I have everything planned out OK. Here is rough outlined plan of action.

1 - Find a popular niche.

2 - Create a website around that niche with unique content plus extras i.e videos, freebies etc.

3 - SEO the hell out of it in an attempt to rank well within Google.

4 - Once the site has become established attempt to sell the site to a interested party.

I would look to be 'rinsing and repeating' this process on numerous sites to try and generate as much possible profit as I can.

All feedback would be greatly appreciated and any tips or extra steps you feel I may need would also be helpful.

Many thanks in advance.
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    If you can get the site to generate some income, that would be even better. On Flippa, income is the best selling point. I've seen sites that generate just a little Adsense do well on Flippa.

    Adding a Twitter account and/or a Facebook page with fans is also a great way to add value. A mailing list with subscribers is also valuable.
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    Yeah, it's definitely a profitable business model and if you can turn these sites fast you can make some good money. Suzanne is right though, on Flippa they really want to see some kind of revenue coming in. Not a necessity but if you want to raise the value A LOT, get some revenue first.
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  • Thanks guys.

    Think I will definitely pursue this further then in that case.

    Any other bits of advice you could supply would be greatly appreciated.
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