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I posted this before in another thread, but I figured it deserved some elaboration and perhaps, yes, its own thread. So here we go...

I know of a time-tested and proven way to add literally thousands of dollars to your bottom line... Multiply your profits exponentially... Increase customer retention... Decrease refunds... And overall, improve your business and you life.

It can be implemented in any niche, at any time, by anyone. Online, offline, inline, upline, downline, it all works.

Use it for list building... Selling ebooks, memberships, physical products, services, whatever you want, and you WILL see success.

Ok, so you probably want to know what this big secret technique is, right?

You're dying to find out what the h@!! I'm talking about, because I've rambled for a long time now, right?

In fact, the longer you read, the more frustrating it gets - right?? (Ok, now I'm just having fun with it... LOL!)

Ok, here it is...

Stop caring about money. Period.

Ok, I know you might have heard this before, but I really want to drill this home in a way that it may actually make an impact for you.

I know you have to care about money sometimes, like when your home is being foreclosed or your heat is cut off, or when you need money for diapers and formula. But when it comes to your business, I want you to stop caring about making money from your customers. Right now!!

All these threads about "how do I become a guru so I can get rich?" and "how do I start making money offline so I can get rich?" and "how can I make $XX by ____?" - You're not going to get anywhere with a mentality like that. Trust me on this one, from personal experience.

Think for one second about who you buy from... Who has lasted as a guru in this and other markets for years, while certain "others" come and go just as quickly as their big commission checks.

These people all do three things...

1) They give you good info for free, so that you trust them.
2) They're approachable and accessible, and genuinely want to help (those who only pretend to want to help are revealed quickly, and then gone...)
3) They provide huge amounts of value in the products that they do charge money for.

So what do you think they think about most... How to make money off of these people who are trusting and putting faith in them? No...

Every single millionaire marketer you will ever meet doesn't give money a thought until they've provided VALUE.

I can't emphasize this enough, people.

This is why the markets are filled with some real crap, and some real gems... Because the difference between the crap and the good stuff is that the creators were thinking of money instead of value.

If you want to make a quick $27 minus PayPal fees, sure you can slap something together that some "sucker" will buy (hey, we've all been on the "sucker" end of that kind of transaction). But they'll get mad. And they won't buy anything else from you. And people will slowly learn that all you care about is the almighty dollar, and you'll fail. Miserably.

If you want to start a business, start thinking of value first. You can develop a real good monthly income by providing value at a reasonable cost. Reasonable is relative by the way - if you provide $10k worth of value, $1997 really is a bargain.

Short term thinking gets you short term results. Build yourself a reputation as a trustworthy expert by providing value - and money will follow.

- Cherilyn
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    I couldnt agree more, there has got to be a great deal of trust built on the internet. and building a bond with a customer by giving them USEFUL information or even giving a product (GIVEAWAYS) to show them that you plenty to offer and your here to stay is a great way to do this.
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    This is really great info that a lot more people should consider. One of the most important things all the millionaires tell you is do something you love and the money will follow. Great post!
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    Sharing this very informative and nice article is indeed good job, Keep it up.
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  • I know I rambled a lot in that post, but it is a lesson that I really learned the hard way. I know that sometimes, when you're looking at a stack of bills, you can't help but think that you need to make money RIGHT NOW. And with all of the doom-and-gloom economic news (which really is just a bunch of hype, but thats another post...) it is easy to slip into panic mode.

    But if all you think about is getting instant cash, or fast cash, or even slow cash just this once - that's all you'll get. Cash, once. Not a business, forever.

    Think about that.

    - Cherilyn
    Take your product from idea to profit in less than 90 days! Work with me to develop and implement a step-by-step plan for success!
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    Thanks, Cherilyn, thats some wise stuff you just shared.

    I happen to think you're right on target. If a marketer can go out there and focus only on SERVING OTHERS, there's a lot of opportunity. When you have that perspective, opportunity does seem to grow on trees, so to speak.

    Personally speaking, the people I know who have the worst time making bucks in their own small business seem to be those who are always talking about how they need to make more money, instead of the need to provide more value.
    Huge difference in the results they get.
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    Great post Great Info...
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    But always remember that MONEY is a great motivator.

    All the time, I think of money first. Beyond that, I create value in excess of the money I expect.

    Why are we working our butts out, if not for money? Money to have fun, buy what we need/want, take vacation, and such like.

    Granted, we are very helpful to each other on this WarriorForum. I cross my heart on this any day, the motivation again is money and fame we indivually stand to gain. I didn't mention WSO.......
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    Originally Posted by Cherilyn Woodhouse View Post

    All these threads about "how do I become a guru so I can get rich?" and "how do I start making money offline so I can get rich?" and "how can I make by ____?" - You're not going to get anywhere with a mentality like that.
    You know what they say, monkey see, monkey do....and the internet has become infested with monkeys...

    No sig, good day m8...

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