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Howdy again guys, I'm still on this adventure to try and learn SEO a bit better and I'm assuming everyone started somewhere. Can anyone fill me in on some resources I can read/study to try and familiarize myself with it all a bit more?

Anything is of great help, thank you all in advance.
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    I strongly recommend the latest (December 2011, I think) edition of this bookthis book .

    I really recommend avoiding most online information and dealing only with the newest editions of standard textbooks published by mainstream, orthodox publishers.

    There's a very specific, very compelling reason for this being likely to be beneficial.

    Such textbooks have an enormous investment made in them by the publishers, before they're even printed. For this reason, they're obliged to be commissioned only from widely recognised, highly accredited, well qualified experts who are known and trusted, and their output is also peer-reviewed at every stage of its production. That matters.

    Online information, by comparison, just isn't subject to any realistic, meaningful "quality control" at all and can be devastatingly unreliable. A lot of it is just incentivized opinion from people selling/promoting things.

    Call me a skepchick, but over the last three years I've gradually and increasingly been realising that the generally prevalent views of SEO expressed online, especially by its practitioners (who usually have a direct or indirect financial interest in whatever they're alleging) is little better than a collection of "urban myths of internet marketing".

    Bear in mind that in a field of endeavour in which, out of all those "trying it", comparatively few people become truly successful, the "general consensus of opinion" is always likely to be fairly deeply flawed and erroneous.

    Reading a few "established textbooks" really does open up a whole different world.
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      Thank you so much for the information. I'm not "trying it", I work for a SEO company and am newer, I just like educating myself to the fullest of my ability.

      I will check out that resource and again, thank you so much.

      I'll also check out the videos from Matt Cutts. Thank you as well for information!
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    If you're looking into 'SEO' as a beginner then you may as well focus on Google, since that's where most of the traffic is. So it makes sense to start out learning what Google has to say about SEO.
    Sure, there will be people who pop up with "don't believe everything you hear from Google, or Matt Cutts", and that's ok to a point. But they actually give out a great deal of sound advice on how to approach SEO and more importantly, how NOT to approach it.
    If you visit this link, it's a good starting point Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Webmaster Tools Help
    You can then follow other links on that page and start to expand your knowledge.

    Also, go to YouTube and search for 'Matt Cutts'. He's the mouthpiece for the Google SEO and anti-spam team. There are some things he says which are a little misleading (intended to be), but most of what he gives you is pretty good information. Think of it as Google telling you how not to do something stupid.

    At some point you may feel you need an 'SEO Guide'. I'd avoid most of what's in mainstream print primarily because it's likely to be out of date. There's a longish lead-time getting a mainstream book through the various stages of writing, editing and publishing, and then on to the shelves at Amazon, B&N or wherever. So you may well find yourself reading something which no longer applies. That's pertinent even more so now than a year or two ago, since we're in the middle of a fairly hefty overhaul coming from Google, and it's coming at us in distinct stages and steps at fairly frequent intervals.
    Good luck.
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    i remember there is a good ebook about seo , its called "backlinking belt" by terry kyle. you can read that.
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      Originally Posted by kumarkunal View Post

      Please log in to SEOMOZ and create a Free account for yourself. It's free for a month. you will get whole lot of knowledge from there.
      So true. SEOMOZ is an endless source of updated information and proven SEO strategies. They helped me out a lot when I was just scratching the SEO surface around 2 years ago.
      Cadouri barbati, ideale pentru barbatii din viata ta
      Echipamente si camere video profesionale
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    Nice information.Thanks kumarkunal.
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    friend if you are beginner in field of SEO then i personally prefer don't depend on one book to learn it and instead of that do as much as possible online through various blogs, through forums and must read SEO Bible book
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    There's about 50 million of them in the SEO part of this Forum.

    ...There's also a sticky on it as well.

    James Scholes
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