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Alright y'all it's about time for me to start my own thread on here so I can let y'all know about my recent successes. Now, I still ain't rich or anything like that, but I have finally began to make consistent sales! Before it was once in a blue moon I would get a sale or a click. Last month, February 2012, was my 6 month IM anniversary. In total, I have made 8 sales so far totaling $14.46. In February and March 2012, I made 7 out of those 8 sales. This is using Amazon Associates, and not including my Adsense earnings. With Adsense I have made a total of $29.97, this brings my IM income to $44.43!! I still have a long way to go, but it's all good!

This may seem like chump change to y'all but to me it's more than just a couple of dollars, this is the start of something huge! Let me tell y'all something pretty trippy, I gave myself a 6 month learning curve when I first got started in IM, now 6 months later I finally start rolling out the sales! How weird is that! In the next 6 months I am shooting for $1,500 per month minimum and so I'm creating this thread to have a place as I update y'all on my journey to the top now that my learning curve is over and my earning curve begins. I'm seriously so pumped up, and waking up to see a sale gives me some serious adrenaline.

What I've learned in 6 months of marketing:
Follow the lessons (I am a student at Niche Academy, made by Justin Lewis)
Make a plan of action
Make a schedule (flexible, not strict)
Build backlinks and build backlinks to your backlinks
Stick to it and get it done ( the hardest )
Do your market research right ( the second hardest)
Don't be afraid

These are just a few key things I'm emphasizing my career on, and getting results. Now I have not ranked any website of mine at the top of page 1 of Google. I have one site at the bottom of page 1 and another on page 2 which are making me all of my money. I have 18 websites which I have created, but only 2 of them are making me money. I am getting better at recognizing money makers and dead ends, and starting to look into CPA as another way to make money online.

Overall it is very exciting when you start making moola, if you ain't making money, evaluate the type of marketer you are and the type of worker you are. In this business, you are the boss and the worker. You have to set your own structure and goals, then you have to be the worker to achieve those goals.

I'll keep updating this thread over time to let y'all know how everything is going! It's going to be really badass when I can look back at this post and be like "Man I only made $45 in 6 months, now I make that in the morning." Haha
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