Have You Lined Up Your Offline and Online Businesses?

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Just looking for some comments from some experienced online marketers and business operators.

Do you have an offline business seperate to your online business and treat the 2 seperately?

Or do you market your offline business online and join the 2 together?

What if they sell seperate products?

An example is - if you are a mechanic, you are not going to sell many e-books on fixing cars. However, you might sell ebooks on a totally different market.

But, the catch is, you should really be marketing your mechanic business online and your ebook business as well.

This is a mammoth task though.

Anyone been in a similar situation?
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    Online / Offline are just aspects of a marketing mix, they're not mutually exclusive or necessarily related. It depends what your business is.

    I have several businesses and I treat them all separately - mostly with both offline and online marketing but completely separately from each other.

    If they're not directly related then I don't see how treating them together makes sense. Your customers for one part of your business are different to your customers for the other (perhaps). If they're not then yes leverage your efforts if it makes sense.

    Don't try to fit a round peg in a square hole though by thinking they should be together if it doesn't make sense.


    nothing to see here.

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    From my view, we should combine 2 together to achieve the maximum results, cheers

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