How do i make my site convert

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Hi, What is the best way to make my site convert better? Thanks
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    How long is a piece of string? Seriously that is a very vague question.

    A few tips - Focus on your content, is it truly compelling content that gives the wow factor when people are reading it? Or is it just "blah" ?

    Nothing hurts more than crappy content on your site.

    Do you have a compelling headline? Are you telling a good story? Do you know what you are talking about? Does the person reading it think this? - It's hard to gauge some of these things of course unless you speak to someone who has visited your site.

    Put yourself in the shoes of your visitor and try and look at it from their point of view, does it invoke trust? Does it fill them with a sense that the website is a good resource for the problem they are having? and that a solution is the right one for them.

    These are good questions to get you started.
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    Well, it would be great if you gave us the link of your site, how do we know the characteristics of your website.

    -Ray Wilson
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    If we are talking about your Maid of Honor then you need to have a call to action.

    I have no clue what you are selling and also there is no link, buy button, or email sign up.

    There is no way to convert without having one of those items.

    Also, your site is very basic. You might want to consider upgrading to a premium design.

    Finally, Maid of Honor's sounds like a very tiny, targeted market that will not be good for repeat sales. It might work as an Adsense site, but the nature of the niche seems limiting.


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    If we are talking about Maid of Honor speeches website it lacks a call to action indeed (you need to guess where the targeted link is). It's also kind of dull. Try to look at it from your visitor's perspective: would you feel compelled to order that guide by reading your article or not? My guess is "not".
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    Newbie, please tell us which site. We can help you more that way.

    No signature here today!

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    For your anxiety site, I'd suggest split testing having just video on the page versus video and text on the page.

    On that same vein, you may want to invest in some Heat Map software so you can see where your visitors are going on your site. Odds are, they're scrolling through the awfully long text and aren't paying much attention to the important beginning points of your video at all.

    Also, you use a sales-y video to send your traffic to a page with another sales-y video. It may be more effective to be to-the-point and tell your readers that they probably have problems x, y, and z (which is presumably how they found you), and a solution is here, click here to check it out. In this sense, less may be more.
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