"Please confirm your continued interest in receiving email from us"

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I recieve emails from a company I have subscribed.
About half of the email I recieve from them start with the following:
You're receiving this email because of your relationship with [company name]. Please confirm your continued interest in receiving email from us.
Why are they constantly asking me to confirm my continued interest?

I don't know if they unsubscribe those who don't click the link, but
I bet they don't because they would lose 90% of their subscribers
that way.

I think they add those who click that link on a different segment
on their list.

Is this a good way to segment your list?
Does aweber or getresponse allow such segmentation?

They use "constant contact" by the way.
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    Aweber lets you unsub them from one list when they sub to another list that you manage.

    It is good to segment your list like this, especially to ensure more control over your lists and to get higher open rates.
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    I think they are just making sure that a real human being is reading the email, or like you said, they want to get those interested subscribers to receive their exclusive offers.
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    Weird, why should they send you so many confirmation mail?
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    i think is decent enough, should in case their mails appears to you as junk, the option is there to remove yourself from their list by clicking the unsuscribe button.
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    Yes, you can segment with GetResponse based on a link as just one example.

    But the approach you are talkng about seems odd. I think it has more to do with the sender than it does the ESP, but obviously I'm not a CC user. Why ask repeatedy when you can segment based on response/action such as opens or CTRs?

    It would be even odder if they were moving you to another list. I guess they could move you to a dormant segment, but why? To run a winback campaign? Doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I just have not had enough coffee yet today.

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