How to sell hard copy online?

by ErinJoi 3 replies
I have a booklet that I want to sell as a hard copy. It will work on it's own, but ideally, I want to direct people to my site.

Where are the best places (besides craigslist and ebay) to sell this booklet? I would also prefer to stay away from the pennysavers; but I am not opposed to them.

I would also make this available on my site, but I have wordpress and don't know how to put a shopping cart on there. (It is hosted through lunarpages which does have a shopping cart, but I am NOT savvy in anything other than WYSIWYG!)

So, where have you had success online - posting an ad - to sell a hard copy of anything?

Thank you so very much!
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    Have you tried Myspace classifies? It works ok for me..
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      Perhaps try turning it into a print book and sell it on Amazon?
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        Where are people ALREADY BUYING the type of product you want to sell?

        Who is your competition and where are they advertising?

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