How To Attract Affiliates to Your Product on Clickbank

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Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get more exposure on Clickbank to attract affiliates?

There are a couple of options such as the Spotlight feature, but really - it seems difficult to get your product in front of affilates so they are encouraged to sell it.

Any tips?
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    I haven't done this, but you could contact webmasters directly who have websites that promote books like yours.
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      You know, I just looked into Clickbank yesterday and I am going to be starting it tonight if I get everything set up on my site. But, I am having great results using articles to attract to my site and then you just having good copy on the site to handle the conversion rate. I am excited about adding it because it appears to have a good payment on products that do sell, but we'll see. Hope that helped.

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    Proactively contact possible affiliates is probably your best bet.

    The absolute best way is to promote a product or site of your prospective affiliates. When you make them sales, they are much more likely to help you make sales. The best way to get someone to notice you is to help them first.

    The first think you need to do is make sure your sales page converts. That's what the good affiliates who can really make sales want to see. They want to see proof that if they send you traffic, the traffic will turn into sales and thus commissions.
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    Pay to have your ad/product listed on the side of the relevant marketplace category. I just paid $200 for a month run on one of the ad spots. I'm not even finished my 2nd week and affiliates have already hopped on board and sent almost $800 in net revenue for me.
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    Besides proactively contacting affiliates, make it easy for them to promote your product. A good staring point is the affiliate page on any major clickbank product. You will get some great ideas just by perusing the sample email copies, keyword lists and articles on other pages. Make sure that you offer different resources to assist affiliates to sell your product.

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    You should create an affiliate sign up form, submit them to the affiliate directories, and then promote this page on relevant places on your website.

    But you could still advertise on Clickbank and Paydotcom to attract new affiliates this way.
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    Try having an affiliate page, for people who want to promote your stuff, and have it noticeable and easy to find.

    Call to action examples: "Work with Us" or "Make money"

    Then the link or tab would go to the affiliate sign registry.

    I hope this helps.
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    An affiliate page, create an affiliate sign up form...these are the basics. While if you want to attract affiliates, those are not enough. I tried them, while not good effect. So how to do next?
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    Set up JVs with the big dogs, drive up your sales and other affiliates will inevitably take notice.

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    The biggest turnoff for any affiliate is lack of promo tools i.e. banners, email copy, keywords, articles, PPC ad samples. Also any product with an optin form in the salespage will lead in my experience to a sharp drop in the number of affiliate sign ups.


    Luke M
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