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Ok so I read A LOT about marketing and you can definitely say its a powerful obsession of mine.

I love psychology, I love intelligent organized thinking, I love experimentation and manipulating things to get results.

What I don't know is how to get leads. I got this job from selling post card marketing. And the post cards worked great for most of the small business's I went to.

But when I started to try writing actual ads and copyright, rather than little stupid coupons that you usually see in valpak, I realized I don't know much if anything about writing ads.

Our company is all about the going green movement. We run inspections in homes to make homes more energy efficient.


I look at it like this:
online & offline

As far as online there are 5 billion and 1 things to do. Takes lots of time, lots of learning, and can quickly become an information overload where I wind up wasting more time reading about HOW to generate leads, rather than actually trying things.

However, when I look at the offline arena, for some reason I'm able to stay a lot more focused.

The thing is since I'm in the office not doing much, I feel like I need to be more useful.

WHAT CAN I DO to help generate leads for our business in the NOW?

I'm not afraid of speeches, giving presentations or interacting with people. I feel like I'd have a better time doing shows of some sort and interacting with real humans rather than going on facebook and trying to build a fan page.

Its just the way I feel but it seems offline ideas in general are usually more practical and less hyped than online ideas.

I wanted to go to senior centers where the seniors still have homes and come into these places to learn things. Not senior homes where they actually sleep in and live. Because these are the elderly that are more likely to have money, the ones still living in their own places.

And I was thinking of giving a great presentation on how to make your home more energy efficient. Maybe going to 6 different centers every 6 weeks. I'm thinking I can motivate and educate the older people to have our systems installed so they can save money on their bills.

ORRR what else can I do that would be a practical and smart way of getting leads?

Can you do shows in malls? What about flea markets? Are flea markets a dumb place to give presentations because most people are poor? I just assume they're poor because they're flea markets. But if theres an actual wealthy population I'd be willing to try flea markets.

I feel like the quickest way for our company to get leads right now would be doing shows or anything where I can interact and persuade real people in real time. Not just leaving stupid little ads on the internet that never get clicked on. I mean god I've posted on craigslist everyday for the last 4 weeks, about 3 times a day, and still not one phone call.

I'm reading "tested advertising methods" so I'm definitely not writing the ads too poorly. I'm taking things into account and trying to be smart.

Our company needs its own way of generating leads w/out always paying a third party company.

For home improvement what are some things I can do to get leads like tommorow? Should I forget about flyers with direct mail? I'm thinking I need to do it more like joe polish and write short personalized letters and actually engage prospects in conversation. I just need to use my brain better and don't know where to start here. If anyone could offer any tips on fast and practical ways to get home improvement leads I'd REALLY appreciate it. I feel like calling senior centers and malls tommorow to see if I can set up a table but don't know if its a good starting point as I can't afford to waste time not getting any results.
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