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DK says that in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king. My problem is that in my business - there is nobody I've found who remotely even cares about marketing let alone understands it which leads to a unique set of problems stemming from doing most if not all of the marketing myself. Not the least of which can be burnout...and no one to get creative with...My niche still responds to optin boxes, email campaigns, autoresponders etc. But the customer base had no technical interest in something like an affiliate program for example. The other problem is for example finding JV partners in non-competing but related businesses...even the affiliate model there - they want to pay you one time for a new customer - not a % of everything they buy from that point on.

What I would like is to find someone in information marketing that knows DK style marketing that can work with me to sell information in my niche. Somebody that I can collaborate with. People in my industry look at me like I'm talking Greek when I discuss marketing.

Anyone interested, send me a PM...thanks
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