How to record MP3 off site?

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Can someone please explain what truly free recorders there are that will allow me to record an MP3 file that only plays on a site?
I have Windows XP so i'm wondering if i have something already that will do this?
If not then what free players/recording devices can you recommend?
Then if i open the site and also a recording program exactly how does it happen?
Step by step would be ideal.
Thanks for your help guys

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    Well it sounds like your trying to steal music off of a website that charges money... why would you want to do that?
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      Why indeed lol.
      Actually no.
      It's a free hypnosis program that only plays on site (rather inconvenient)
      Thanks for the help guys
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        Why not just download the MP3 file directly? You can usually figure out the exact URL of the file by viewing the page's source code.

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    screen capture software free at screencastomatic or then make a video of the screen as its playing upload to then haha put your youtube link here YouTube to mp3 Converter download and done
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        I had this problem too. I prefer MP3s to videos because I can put them on my iPhone and listen anywhere. If it's on video, I can't do that. Yes, I may be able to watch them on my phone, but that window has to stay open. I can't do e-mail or anything else on my phone if it's a video.

        I also prefer to listen to training in the car or when I'm taking a bath. So MP3s are best for me.

        My business coach formerly did all of her training as a live training call which was recorded and I could downloaded the MP3.

        Lately, she's switched to screencast videos to do training and doesn't provide the MP3, which drives me CRAZY. Worse, the videos are streaming only, not downloadable. I hate it. I prefer a phone call with a recording so I can put it on my phone and listen anywhere. (Yes, I PAID for the training.)

        So I had to find a way to get the MP3. I use Audacity, which is free. Set your sound system's default to "stereo mix" under "recording", which will record whatever is playing on your speakers. Then start playing the video and hit the record button in Audacity. Save the audio file in MP3 format. Easy!

        In fact, I'm recording the audio from one of those videos now.

        I have Windows 7 and found how to do this on YouTube. Do a search for instructions on YouTube. I'm sure there is one for Windows XP.

        In another program (which I paid for), the vendor provided screencast videos with NO separate audio. Arrghh! Fortunately, the videos were downloadable.

        For those, I downloaded DVD VideoSoft here: Free software: video converter, audio converter, youtube converter

        It's free and doesn't put a bunch of stuff on your PC that you don't want. DVD VideoSoft allowed me to strip the MP3 from the MP4 and then put it on my phone. Yay!

        I was so glad to find solutions to get an audio recording from a video.

        Hope that helps!


        P.S. If you follow different launches and want to save the videos for future reference as a model to follow, you can use Snagit from TechSmith (only $50) to record whatever is on your screen.
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      Originally Posted by NACAdam View Post

      screen capture software free at screencastomatic or then make a video of the screen as its playing upload to then haha put your youtube link here YouTube to mp3 Converter download and done
      I would do that or you can download audacity, but be careful because sometimes it comes with a virus.
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