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Hello Warriors,

Can anyone please tell me which is the best optin plugin to go for ?

I am new to list building any advice for a plugin ? currently i am running a blog with about 5,000 daily Page views on Thesis.

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    Why a plug-in? You could put the opt in form in the sidebar and have it displayed on every page?
    What do you want the plug-in to do?

    The Online Business Architect

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      Originally Posted by HansM View Post

      Why a plug-in? You could put the opt in form in the sidebar and have it displayed on every page?
      What do you want the plug-in to do?
      I dont know how to create a Opt-in form can you help ? I had searched Google for 3 hours and still cant get the code for it
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        Originally Posted by pbbiet View Post

        I dont know how to create a Opt-in form can you help ? I had searched Google for 3 hours and still cant get the code for it
        you need an autoresponder first

        after that you can make a list and attach it to a form and then you will get a code to plug into your site

        Now a plugin you use wont take those steps out....they will just add fuctionality
        an amazing (new) plugin that can make your form look amazing, can do split tests, etc.

        List Eruption (what I use)
        is a tell a friend plugin

        There are other great ones as well. Some add in the persons info automatically.

        But you still need an autoresponder

        in those plugins you will need to still add in your autoresponder info in some way.
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    I concurr with HansM.

    Getting a person to subscribe to your list is a conversion. It will allow you to market to them. . .

    Much good luck!


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    I assume you do not want to build your own form in Aweber. I dont know why you wouldnt but there is a nice plugin by Mr Deliuesse here on WF called Wp Optin Pro. You still need to have an autoresponder service. The plugin only builds nice forms for you.
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    Or if you use Aweber you can build different opt-in forms as well as pop-up opt-in form. I highly recommend them.

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    Optimizepress sidebar squeeze pages and Popupdomination

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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    I use PopUp Domination and wpLapdance ...check them out
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      Hi -- You're getting some answers that may not be all that helpful to you. In a sense, yours is the wrong question, or so I believe.

      You are going to need an autoresponder service to capture the emails and allow you to send messages to a large number of people (eventually) without getting your personal email address blocked.

      AWeber is the most popular, and while I dislike them for various reasons, they are the best choice -- also for various reasons. When you join AWeber, and you can join for $1 for the first month, you'll first have to set up your list (and give it a name -- you can have many different lists in one account).

      Then, before you can capture ANY email addresses or even set up an opt-in form, which AWeber will do for you, letting you pick colors and field names, etc., AWeber will want you to create and name your List where the email addresses captured will be affiliated with.

      See, it's one thing to capture the email addresses, name, etc., but you have to LINK it to something because you can't send email to long lists of people yourself. It would be considered spam. Plus, autoresponder services have various features that make running an email list a lot easier than via your own email.

      Once you've done that (set up a list), you'll have to also be ready to craft the email that your new sign-up gets to confirm their interest in being on your list. Actually, IIRC, AWeber does that for you but you can do some customizing yourself. And then if you're offering a free download as a legal bribe to get them on your list, you'll have to have that URL handy.

      All in all, AWeber offers the best features -- at least of those I've tried and, alas, I've tried too many. But IMO it's NOT that easy to figure out and configure (one reason I hate it). I also find it a little clunky -- not smooth and quick and easy. Oh well, it is what it is.

      Does this help? Feel free to PM me.
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    Check WP Subscribers, it works great with Aweber etc. I have used the plugin with good success, it comes with lots of nice looking easy to use templates. Here is my review I did sometime back
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    Optimize press is the expensive alternative but just to create opt-in bars you can use something like Opt-In Skin which is half the price.
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      I have to weigh in again. I've taken a look at OptimizePress -- expensive but very functional -- and MOWPOP, which is free. MOWPOP and apparently others interface with AWeber so that you can use their code to link from your opt-in form. So AWeber isn't the only option any more for a subscriber list. Love it. But you're still going to need that autoresponder service to start with (e.g., AWeber).
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    Ive Been using a plugin called Hybrid Connect, it allows you to split test various campaigns.
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