Got an Android device? Get 50GB of free cloud storage if you act right away!

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This is not a sales page. I have zero connection with the company. Just wanted to share a sweet deal with my fellow warriors. is a relatively new cloud storage service. They are offering 5GB of free online storage to all comers.

However, if you download and install their Android app (I think it's a limited time deal also), they'll give you 10 times that amount -- 50GB for life. Plus, if you do it before March 23, they give you another bonus -- you can store files up to 100MB in size as opposed to 25MB which is the standard deal. I also know from having seen others use it that you can host files there to be downloaded so if you want to run a WSO for example, you could keep the files there and make 'em available. Overall, a very sweet deal indeed.

The site is Box | Simple Online Collaboration: Online File Storage, FTP Replacement, Team Workspaces. Again, I've got no stake in this and it doesn't help me in any way if you decided to use them. I just wanted to share a deal with everyone...
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