What do you bookmark - what do you use bookmarks for?

by acamso
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Have a quick question for anyone that's willing to share. I've been collecting tons of links over the years of information, products, etc. - anything interesting that I'd like to come back to. We know how the story goes.. you never go back and put them to use. They just collect dust. So I've been recently been going through bookmarks dating all the way back to '08 that I never reviewed. I filtered out the useless ones and made a list of all the ones that I'd like to glance over and pull useful information from. I then started to question what the point of bookmarks really are.

Do you personally use bookmarks as strictly "Read this later"? Or do you only bookmark sites that you use everyday or come back to on a regular basis?

I've always done a mix of both. I find that when I try to be organized and create folders of sites I visit frequently, I never follow through and use them. By habit, I just type the site in the address bar quickly or use the Chrome start page. However, 95% of the bookmarking links are sites that I'd like to take a look at on a later date to extract useful information. And 95% of them just sit there. I think I am going to start using my XMarks account and do a weekly clean-out. For the sites I visit most frequently, I think I am going to strictly use the Chrome start page.

Do you have any interesting bookmarking uses, systems, organization tips you'd like to share?

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    I definitely use them to save the URL of anything I'm even remotely interested in coming back to later to consider for use, or to refer to, or for any reason at all.

    I don't care how huge the batch of them gets, because it is just digital data. The more the merrier.
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    I bookmark them to read any time I want to and the updates.
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    I do both. And it's even better if you keep them in separate folders. Also, you can add them all to your own social bookmarking accounts, with bookmarks to your own products as well. If somebody thinks your bookmarks are helpful, they may look at more, pass them on, etc.

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