What did you do your first time building a list?

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What were some of your experiences when you started to build your first list? Did you start it properly? Did you use a different autoresponder than Aweber at first? Tell your story! So every warrior can learn from this!
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    Build a squeeze page for one I use point and click squeeze from James Francis they work very well and they are cheap $ 7 bucks.

    Have a great offer people will actually want, and send as much traffic to your squeeze page as possible.

    These are the Foundations for building a lucrative email list.

    P.S. be sure to have a great one time offer that actually converts so you can make money on autopilot while you are building up your list.
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  • I basically started a PPC campaign with a squeeze page. PPC gives me a quick instant boost of leads to kick-start my list. Then I communicate with them by e-mailing them blog posts combined with Social Media options so that the leads that I got via PPC can also spread the value virally.

    From my experience, PPC or paid traffic in general can be a quick kick-start to your list-building journey.

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      I started building my first list back in November 2003.

      Did I start it properly?


      You learn through trial and error (or from other people's
      experience) what works - and what doesn't work.

      I started off my list using 1ShoppingCart but then moved
      over to AWeber. I've also moved my lists many times to
      other providers like Infusionsoft, iContact and self-hosted

      The most important thing is not to get it right - it's to get
      it going!

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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        Originally Posted by Shaun OReilly View Post

        The most important thing is not to get it right - it's to get it going!
        Most definitely, and then the second most important part is to keep it going...

        That's what I'm most guilty of.

        I've had numerous lists in the past - and my main business always ended up keeping me "too busy" (in my own mind) to be doing other things.

        But, time and experience have changed that - and now managing the list is number one priority.

        Once you've got momentum - keep it going, it takes less force to keep an object moving that it does to start it.
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    I want to learn more about this. Can anyone tell what is list building and how important is it to build a list....can it generate huge amounts of traffic for a website?

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    i also began with Aweber...I did very well. I used Safe Swaps and free products and built it up that way.

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